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Psycho Killer

rated 3.18 / 5 stars
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Feb 18, 2005 | 2:24 PM EST
  • Daily 4th Place February 19, 2005

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Author Comments

Thanks for the Daily Award, NG!
This is a music video I made for my flash class in the Winter. I worked really hard on it, but it took too much time so I had to turn it in unfinished. I've finally finised it completely, and I'm satisfied with the final product. It is a music video based on the movie "Psycho" from 1960.
The singing face is not George Bush, it's Norman Bates.



Rated 4 / 5 stars

I think I saw him

Wait that was just a movie. The scenes worked really well with the song. The animation was very nicly done.
If you had left out the shower scene, this woukld failed on so many levels. The ending was good, the only problem was it just seemed to stop dead. I would have more expected the music and the scen to fade out. I actually watched this flash twice. Keep the good work up.

f0d responds:



Rated 5 / 5 stars


Hey, F00D, this is one of the most stylish, beautiful cartoons I've ever seen.

Compared to everything else it's... well, in Nana's words "like comparing roses to thistles."

You have a real gift :)

f0d responds:

Thanks Katie! This isn't thaaat great, too many tweens. But I did what I could. I hope to make even better stuff in the future :)


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Very good

It is a very good movie clip, I enjoyed it a lot, I can't really say a lot about it though.
The graphics is very good, the charecters are really, really well drawn, so does the background. The style of the drawing, the colour, the shape, the way of drawing are great and it matches the style of the movie and the style the movie should have. Also the colouring of the whole movie was great, but I think that a little blood would add a lot, it is a psycho killer after all...The parts where you see his shadow are pretty bad though.

As I mentioned before, the style in the movie, at least in the graphical way, is fantastic. The violence is just in the right ammount for the movie's style to be perfect. I also like the way of the scenes. The movie is also pretty short and you didn't end it properly, you cut it in the middle, it is bad... The sound was very good, i like the song, good choice.
Anyway, it is a very good movie, well done.

f0d responds:

Ah yes, well there are several explanations for your criticisms. First of all, it was a high school project. In terms of violence, it pushed the limits as it was. I couldn't really have included blood.

I made the style of the movie try to imitate Psycho's style, and also add a little bit of Noir too.

And yes, I rushed like hell to finish the ending of this movie, and I just didn't have enough time to finish out the song.

Thanks again. Nice review


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Hard to not laugh, well done :)

It was really hard not to laugh, I haven't seen anything doen liek this before, the song and the movie didn'tfit together at all which is what made it so great, it made the Psycho stabbing in the shower sequence funny, which was a really odd thing to happen, but it was just the way it was done that made it work so well, by having the guy singing as the other guy did the stabbing, a great little movie.

Lots Of Love, Rebecca Rose

f0d responds:

Believe it or not, David Byrne said the song Psycho Killer was actually inspired by Norman Bates in Psycho. I guess the Talking Heads wanted to go for a little irony with this song

And by the way, you're a good reviewer, you know that?

Thanks once again


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Norman sings. What'll they think of next?

Seriously my friend, that video made me laugh. Seeing classic film psychopath Norman Bates singing 70's Pop is eerily fitting and totally hilarious, to say nothing of unique...

The graphics are excellent, and I love the blocky noir style B & W characters. It moves at a great frame rate as well, all the while keeping it under 1 Meg so that even dial-up users can enjoy it with relative ease (no one thinks of the poor dial-up users much anymore, pity them)...

The song is catchy, I don't think I've ever heard it before. This is a beautiful tribute, and I'm disappointed that it didn't receive a much higher score. Bravo...

So says Dr. Manhattan...

f0d responds:

Haha the song gets played on the radio all the time where I live.

The under one meg thing was sort of an accident since I didn't know how to increase the sound quality back then. But if it helped some people out, awesome :)

And I am perfectly satisfied with the score. In some ways I think it's almost too high.

Thankf for your review :)