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Kung Fu Music Vid

rated 2.29 / 5 stars
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Feb 11, 2005 | 4:53 PM EST

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Author Comments

This is the first movie I have ever made using flash and my teacher thought it was really good so I decided to post it here and find out what people thought of it.

Comon people, I like reviews. Leave anything: good, bad, cool, sucky. Leave one, I'll try to respond to it.

UPDATE 4/14/05: A PRELOADER!! Yes the wonderful preloader has arrived thanks to the help of certain people. (Yes I know nothing special but watever.)



Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


I don't really like music videos, but I like this one. Not bad. Classic song, great use. Didn't really like the ending but however, still good. >5<

SlikRik19 responds:

But the ending was the best part!!! Hehe, j/k. It was my first ever movie, and I'm actually surprised it made it onto Newgrounds.

F-KREW Mischief Maker


Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

You make me sad

It's animations like this that make me sad. Ones that get through when my friend has been trying for god knows how long, and his skills and 3, nay, 4 times better than yours. You need to die.

SlikRik19 responds:

Okay then, lets put his "skills" on Newgrounds and see how well they do. There's a reason that things get saved and blammed. When they are saved, usually, they are good. When they get blammed, it means THEY SUCKED!! You need to go get your scrotum stuck in a blender.
F-KREW Mischief Maker


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Like totally awesome wow

That's really your first flash? It's really good XD

And since you asked for it,

macaroni, macaroni, macaroni, macaroni
put the cheese in the noodles and what do you get?
macaroni, macaroni, macaroni, macaroni

SlikRik19 responds:

Thanks!! I love random reviews!

23 skedoo!



Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Great Work...

I know how much time you put into this kind of stuff and even though i have not submitted a movie/game to the portal yet, i can say that you did well for your first time compared to all the other pieces of crap comming through the portal everyday. I'm currently working on a flash project with a stick figure (yeah i know) and that'll be my first movie i'd say it'll be alright for my first time and i hope it makes it through, but nice job man, hope to see more.

PS. Jon Reid, If I were you I would try to actually make something in flash before I criticise someone elses work on being messed up.

Thanks, -3-Sided-Bob

SlikRik19 responds:

Thanks a lot. I really appreciate people that can appreciate a person's effort without saying something negative. It shows that the person has real maturity and intelligence.
I'll be looking for your submission, so it better be good! :)
I'm actually currently working on my third Flash. (My 2nd one was submitted today, 6/26/05, and it survived.) It's actually something I thought up while dealing with a tiresome case of insomnia this morning at 5 AM.
Thanks again!
P.S. If yours isn't too shabby, even if its half-way decent, you can count on my protection point. (You might have to give me a heads up before you submit it, though.)


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Very nice

This is a rare tipe of flash animation, it's when there is no higer purpose, no meaning no super effects and it fits nicely, it's a calm flash, relaxing smooth movements, smooth music, good continuity. I've been a member of NG for almost a year now, and of all the "this is my first flash" this is definitly one of the best, and if you spend just a little bit of time at the flash portal you will see that, usually, when u read "this is my first flash" it means 2 things "plz be kind" wich is understandable if the person really ment to do a good flash,and ,sometimes, they write on the comment or the flash itself "plz vote 5" wich is usually a warning for "this is a piece of crap but I would like to have this saved because I like it" ( wich in my personal opinnion is unacceptable we have standards for a reason and asking for score is irritating), but not this one.

Slick you should be proud, aside from rampaging sticks at 5fps i've only seen artists get better, and I see good things comming from you in the future.

[end of review]


I congratule you, Slick, for your answer to Jon Reid, I have myself given tough, sometimes even agressive reviews but I always base my reviews in the facts, I hate those barely animated sticks, but i also think there are some very good flashes with stick (Xiao-Xiao is a classic) and although i have not submitted a flash yet i am working on one and it takes time, yes, a lot of it, besides I have been around to watch tons of flash and I can tell good from bad and ppl who meant to to a good job and ppl who have nothing else to do but submit crap. By the way Mr Jon Reid have you looked at your profile lately? 7 blam points and 0 save points, and lvl 1, so I personally advise you to spend a little more time watching flash and then have the nerves to be a critic about anything.

That said good job Slick.

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SlikRik19 responds:

Hey man, thanks a lot. This is one of the best reviews I've gotten.
It was Febuary when I submitted this and when I became a member, so I've been around for a few months. When I first came, I was like, "wow people aren't gonna like this," but then I started seeing some of the crap that other people were submitting, and I was like, "ok I'm cool."
Yes, I'm making a new video. You can check it out on my site (link is in profile.)
And also thanks for the support against crappy reviewers. Out of the 43 reviews I've gotten so far, only 2 were bad. One was Jon Reid's and the other said, "u cant do any better than that?" However there was one good thing that came from Reid's review: a new phrase to use at people i hate, "go get ur scrotom caught in a blender"
[end of response]
lengthy review = lengthy response (dont worry, i like lengthy ones. its usually a sign of a more mature person. usually.)
Again thanks.