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Jan 30, 2005 | 5:08 AM EST

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Version 2 of the popular music Video One Love

A second version was released to resolve the following issues:
-The Sound: Coolboyman has spent the last few days realigning the entire movie so the gaps are gone, and all lipsync is perfect. This is why hes in the Authur list.
2- Lecca and Aurora really deserve to have there names on the Co list, because along with Cycon they put the most effort in.

3- Minor changes have been made and Grashaboras name has been spelt correctly.

So enjoy...again, hopefully this time itll be easier to watch.



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Don't just upload a new version because there is some error in it. Replace the version. And if you can't replace it because the views are too high, e-mail wade to tell him to replace it. Don't just upload a new one to get another award... or whatever your point is.

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DL-Misteroo is exactly right.

It's practically the same thing so unless your first version got blammed then why not just edit it? I can answer that though. Because you're all suck ups and wanna get more popular and crap


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This is what the 'edit submission' button in your Grounds Gold menu is for. It's got a critical bugfix, yet it's really just the same exact music video.

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ehmmm ..

it's not the same thing that the first one ?! anyway , good job


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No, just no

I liked the first version, but just resubmitting the piece without flaws, like it should have been the first time is not going to work.

I hope Cycon doesnt blame you for ruining his batting average. Submitting the same versions of stuff or 5 second piece of crap movies, might work on other sites like deviantart and such, but not on newgrounds. Here people judge movies only on the quality and not based on how many views/friends you have. It is painfully obvious that you, Gerkinman, lack animation skills.

Hope to see something more original and better soon