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bs ch 18 act 3 - fight!!!

rated 4.02 / 5 stars
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Jan 20, 2005 | 11:59 PM EST
  • Daily 2nd Place January 22, 2005

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Author Comments

Possessed by the mind of his traitorous student Goku (the dark monk from Chapters 1 and 4), KAMIMURA brings the fight for his lost treasure to the first man to confront him - ORAN. Will RAIMI sit helplessly as they fight to the death...or will be finally find the courage to believe in something greater than his own pain?



Rated 4 / 5 stars

mind rebooting

that was cool and the shadow effect was a good symbolisim of how he saw him self i retrospect he saw to men when compared to him in his eyes were giants wageing a fight and he could not end it then the glowing cross thing in the glass was a nice touch and how just before the glass is broke on the guys head it shows his shadow being a phenix which is a bird that dies and is reborn again and a again and seeing as he was changed by the fight it was very nice the only smiple thing to say is MIND BLOWING!!!


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Again, you're not getting perfect because of the DVD. I've seen it, this compares only slightly, blah. I told myself I wasn't going to review another Act and then stumbled across this, and how the hell am I going to resist this? This was classic...

Aside from the old school comic style meet up between heroes (I think you're the bad guy! Let us fight!), this Act succeeds on so many basic levels and sets up the relationships between these three characters for the rest of the series.

Andrew outdid himself here. I prefer the more depressed tones of Chapter 17 Act 2, but that's just me. The speed and shadows of this Act were intense. I remember looking at them for the first time and just being floored. I remember discussing demons and things before the Chapter debuted, and talking about the symbolism of them after. I love Oran's shakey camera effect - a cool throwback to Chapter 3 (another fight scene, for those who haven't seen it). I wish you'd done more with that, honestly.

The style was perfect. Everything in this chapter was conveyed perfectly - Raimi's internal monologue and self doubt, his attempt to reconcile the shambles of his life with his new found beliefs; Oran attempting to adhere to the Koran, and the eddict to show mercy to the mad while also protecting his friend; and Kamimura/Goku, the internal struggle between the two of them and the despair that both of them feel, for very different reasons. The revelation of Palmer at the end. Awesome.

Sounds provided mostly by Godspeed You Black Emperor. I'm not going to complian, except to say that I like what Tobias ended up doing slightly more. Still, this is hard to beat, and the Lynchian use of sound in this chapter worked incrediably well.

The violence is seemingly self explantory - it's a freakin' fight scene. But it works on many levels, as Raimi battle himself and Goku, Oran battle himself, Kamimura, and Goku, and Kamimura battles Raimi, Goku, Oran, and himself. Just stunning. The shadow selves of both, that is how Raimi sees Kami and Oran, were just stunning. So damn cool, and violence is more than merely blood and bones. Violence is a violation, a rape of sorts, and that's what this battle is, a mindfuck for all involved. It's rare to be able to go so much meaning out of a single fight. Brilliant.

I'm measuring interactivity based upon emotional impact. Again, the pron crowd won't get it (maybe next chapter!), but the blood crowd should find enough in even the most basic tenants of this chapter to keep themselves amused, at least until the 'talking' at the end. Gods forbid we should have to, you know, read anything... for the rest of us, however, there's more than enough emotional meat to sink our teeth into and digest over many a good conversation.

Humor gets a one. There's a line in this act that I absolutely loathe, but I can't help but smile everytime I see it. It occurs in the climax. The worst part of it is that as much as I hate the line, I cannot think of another one to take it's place. The build to it is perfect, and what comes after it is perfect, but that one line drives me to distraction. Arg. I'm ill. I'm not thinking about the line right now. I'm trying to get Healthy again, after all.

So, again, an overall nine. I cannot give this a ten in good conscience, not having seen the DVD. Though I suppose it's good you stopped ripping off video games for your symbolism... ; p

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Rated 4 / 5 stars


every once in a while there is something that departs from the normal blood and gore hype and hints at something deeper. Your carefully scripted story has a poetic and beautiful ring to it and im totally grasped by every carefully chosen word througout this. Excellent job in both your creative artistic flavor and your amazing way with words. Keep it up^^


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Nice comics action

You have a fresh style in animation. Keep up your creativity and you'll go a long way.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

I cant't even put this in words

The Maxx, Tolkien, Scudd? Well, who cares. An interacaul comic. the best WebStrip i've seen. Graphics, storyline, sound. Death is sorta funny, too.................