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Tribute to Sonic

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Jan 15, 2005 | 11:00 PM EST

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Author Comments

this is old and it kinda sucks. I loved it when I first made it, and really it is sort of okay,
've been warned. I'd like to get rid of it. (and all my other movies/games....)



Rated 1.5 / 5 stars


kinda cheesy if u ask me! :P


Rated 3 / 5 stars

You can draw, that's half the battle.

Now you need to learn to actually animate it. If you don't like to do much frame by frame, but you don't mind a lot of drawing, observe how Andrew animates. Yes he has done some frame by frame, but it's also a lot of tweening effects with constantly renewing drawings. You obviously don't mind the whole drawing a lot bit, but you probably do mind the animating it a little. I'm just opening an easy way for good artists to animate. Another way is like NALO's style. He draws really well for the symbols, but to animate it, he tweens separated limbs. After a while, there will be enough symbols to animate without having to draw new ones.
Also, when drawing, use the pencil tool and use different thicknesses, that way it will still look the way you originally wanted, just without the access lines which you can remove with ease. For me, I sketch out the drawing with my Graphire 3, then I make a new layer and draw with the line tool over it, keeping it in proportion, but really nice. It's taking me so long that I STILL don't have any flash done. Also, that could also be because of all of the unfinished movies I started. Anyway, I hope to see more of your work with these improvements.

Troll-Master-Grog responds:

I can accually animate (but can never spell "accually"). I wanted this to look more like the Sonic comic books and/or the old video games using sprites. I already do pretty much everything you said as you will soon see in my next movie: Squishy and George


Rated 5 / 5 stars


Sonic whooped some Shadow azz that was awesome! The song u used was awesome i loved it! Sonic and Shadow and then...Keep up the good work! ^-^


Rated 3 / 5 stars


yeah it was pretty good nice job i like your idea of the fight i think you jus need to work on your animation a bit but overall good job.

Troll-Master-Grog responds:

Yeah, if you mean the fact that they just scrolled around rather than acually moving, I did that so it would seem more like sprites from the old games and/or the comics about sonic


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Yes please make a Sonic heroes one PLEASE!

Anyway that was pretty cool!

Troll-Master-Grog responds:

hey! don't steel your profile pic from hyperactive youth! lol......