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Dec 6, 2004 | 12:41 AM EST
  • Daily Feature December 7, 2004

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**** UPDATE: I have put a help portal on my website! You can visit it and post animations that you need help with... I will do my best to leave feedback for everyone. *****

Another tutorial for everyone... these seem to be doing well so here you go... This should help anyone who wants to set up a good LIP SYNC.

Be Sure to check out my other tutorials and tell me what you think!



I'm gonna keep these coming trust me!



Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

But what about sound sync?

This tutorial is very well done (and quite funny), but you don't cover the most important topic (to me) : the graphic animation over sound sync. How do you know how to synchronize mouth movements with a keyframe precision over voice track ?


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


its made quite well and the layout is nice and clean and easy to follow. just not perfect.. got a few typos in there and i dont agree with the "E" head... thats the "ee" head right? using a mouth showing both bottom and top teeth seems to work better i feel. personal prefecnce perhaps. and then you go on to talk about setting the sound to stream so that it syncs with the frames. well yours sure didnt on my machine nor my friends. so that could be a bit confusing to n00bs trying to learn from this tut. oh and your character... u been watching too many episodes of homestar runner? even your layout and nature of your homepage is the same. well anyway. u have design skills. but not much teaching ability. dont think this deserved 1st place. or even 5th place... but then again i havent watched any of the other cartoons for that day.. they musta blowed.

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JackSmack responds:

Was wondering when someone was gonna notice that... lol. I had the voice streamed but for some ODD reason half the clips kept coming out HORRIBLE... tryed for a half hour to fix it even reanimated part of it... but 2 of them would not get fixed... so I made them all event sound clips. and to be honest... I was very surprized at feature of the day too.


Rated 0.5 / 5 stars


k heres the deal i go to newgrounds to look at animations and games if i wanted crap like this i could go to flash tutorials .com................. boring :(

JackSmack responds:

I respect that but it does say tutorial... and if you don't want to see a tutorial you don't have to watch it right? I'm catering to the animators here that want to learn... and judging from most responces... This teaches people stuff and they are entertained by learning...

Always more than one type of entertainment.

So I guess this falls under the heading EDUtainment.

anyway... sorry you didn't like it.


Rated 0 / 5 stars


I was looking on how animate online and this was the best tutorial yet! I crave to learn more!

JackSmack responds:

Reviewed by: MNAT Overall Score: 0
:P you were kinda in a hurry huh? It's all good. I just wish more people would give me feedback. Don't care about the scores all that much.