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Nov 25, 2004 | 12:11 PM EST

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Um... Its funny as hell! Watch and enjoy!

Story by: ForNoReason

Animation by: thewasteofwebspace

Long long time ago I, ForNoReason, held a contest. In this contest I challenged the artists of Newgrounds to take one of my scripts and bring it to life. This is the result, and winner, of the contest.

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Rated 4 / 5 stars

Good animation.

Animation/Graphics - The animation and graphics were very good. Looks like you are pretty good at drawing. The animation was smooth and everything seemed perfectly fine.

Story/Content - Very short.. I don't know if it makes a great flash all by itself, but what you had was alright. I really didn't find anything too funny about the content or the story of the flash though. That's why I think you could have built up to it and made it a bit longer. Maybe having here take eggs from the chicken, feed it, etc... For maybe a day or two and then have the chicken just kill her randomly. Perhaps it would have been a little bit harder to predict and would surprise the audience more.

Credits - The credits get a little section by themselves this time around. :D Ha, they were by far the best part in terms of humor in the entire flash. So to anyone who may be reading my review, WATCH THE CREDITS. They are good.

Audio - Ha, this is a part that I found funny. I liked the voice of the woman and the voice/music that you used during the credits. The music and sound effects that you used during the flash part itself was also pretty good.

Overall - The credits make the submission, but the animation itself is done very well.

~ Review Request Club ~

ForNoReason responds:

Yeah, I wrote this script when I was just starting to write seriously. I am curious on how it is so predictable, Ive heard that a lot about this flash lol. I was thinking about rewriting the story a little and maybe having a 4 year anniversary of the flash or something. I would just have to get an animator again lol. Maybe "Precious Little Chicken REDUX!" I dont know. Anyway thanks for your comments!


Rated 4 / 5 stars

I liked it

I liked the art alot and the sound you put in it gave it just the atmosphere I think you wanted. It was funny although, as was your other chicken and old lady flash, the concept was quite reminiscent of a Monty Python animation. But I much preferred this one. You made it longer and better with things like seeing the chicken and the old lady's skeleton. Nice one, keep it up.

ForNoReason responds:

Yeah I liked how this one came out better as well. I think it holds better to the original script I wrote, but I loved seeing how the two artists had two completely different interpretations of the story. I would love to do more with this, and ANY, of my stories but yeah. Thanks for the review!


Rated 5 / 5 stars


This was a very good movie, although it was a bit too short. The graphics looked pretty good and the tweens were also used very well.

The character desgin was good, too. I also liked the sound effects you put into the flash.

While the flash is a bit short it gave me a good laugh at the end. Also, the credits are hilarious! ;)

{ Review Request Club }

ForNoReason responds:

Thank you bunches! I am glad you enjoyed!


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Good quality animation

this was a good animation, abit on the shortside, but it had some good quality of animation and humor and good little idea, the characters were well designed and you gave this animation good humor made me chcuckle in the end, so welldone on this one

I wouldnt mind seeing a new version of this maybe a series of some sort with other ideas but the same idea basicly

Funny but abit short


ForNoReason responds:

Thank you much! Yeah, I would love to find some artists to make kinda a collab of this idea. See all the different takes on it. I think it is short enough that there could be a lot of added content in it. Oh well...


Rated 3 / 5 stars

short flash

Got some comments.
Have you really been around this long?

And that poor old woman! She wanted to pet the cute little chicken, so the chicken kills her! Wow, NG is just full of flashes with unexpected kills, and twists to the plot.

Ain't it grand? :D
And today is my birthday! XD Just thought I'd tell ya

4/5 ; 6/10

ForNoReason responds:

Well happy birthday, and thank you for the review!