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Nov 9, 2004 | 3:08 PM EST

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player 1: x, c, v and arrows
player 2: i, o, p and numeric pad
Go to Setup/Help to learn how to play or change the keys!

Go to in order to play the lastest version of the game with colors and musics. It now contains the whole story, all the characters and sets. I'll upload it to Newgrounds when I'll reach a further point of development.

Thanks for your support ;)



Rated 5 / 5 stars

If it didnt have the KI blast glitch,I would still enjoy this game. I checked out the new version,and I noticed a few glitches. For example,You unlock Goku(2) Two times. At the Majin buu fight,AND the kid buu fight. Also, If you play Goku(3) Vs Uub more than once, you'll re-unlock the characters Uub,Pan,and Goku(3). And about the database,it shows that some characters like yajerobi and Mr. Satan can fire KI blasts,but they cant.(Entertainment purposes? :). The last one is that you cant access Uub's second form in versus,as it is performed only in story mode,by the cpu. It's still the most awesome game I have ecountered and it deserves at least over 9000 stars. I hope the new update blows my mind. Good luck working on that! :D

Atien responds:

Hi, thanks for your review. I didn't noticed that goku(2) was unlocked twice, thanks a lot. The other errors are already corrected for the upcoming version. But I still have a lot to do on it... Stay tuned ;)


Rated 5 / 5 stars

i love this game :D cant wait for the update when you add all movie characters
btw pikapikapikachu551 ARE YOU RETARDED? this is an earlier version of the game that was "stolen"


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

im sorry but this game is fart the story only goes up to raditz sometimes when i push 1vs2 it does 1vscpu and just now i was playing story i lost to piccolo and it took me to tournement either this game just isnt good or its bugged but other than that its preety cool but heres on in color its cool txori dbz devolution

Atien responds:

This game is here since 2004. 2004! Almost ten years ago! Your review's spelling is fart. NG used to be cool...


Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

This is a good concept, but the only way to deal any damage is with the fully charged ki blast, and the ki blast function is pretty much broken. Using the attack drains all my ki and only actually fires the blast about 30 percent of the time, and if it fires it is the smallest size regardless of how much ki went into it. The player's physical attacks do not affect the enemy, yet the enemy can KO you in seconds. I am aware that there is a new version, so no need to point that out.

Sadly, this is still the best DBZ game on newgrounds.

Atien responds:

Yeah! I'm ruling Newgrounds secretly in the shadow since almost 10 years!


Rated 0 / 5 stars

Dont have any color...............

Atien responds:

Are you color blind?