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Nov 1, 2004 | 2:39 PM EST

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Author Comments

This is just a quick puzzle game I threw together for my class. You must create a simple program to guide Bill the Robot through each level and pick up the computer chips therein. The kids dug it, so I thought I'd throw it up here.

For instructions, click on the question mark in the lower right-hand corner.

I am truly astounded by the amount of views this has gotten. Thanks to everyone for the helpful reviews! I am currently working on Bill2, and will take all of your critiques into consideration.



Rated 4 / 5 stars

Really good concept

It reminds me of a programming language we learned at school. We had to write down some code and then a turtle moved on the screen, drawing shapes.

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Antishow responds:

That's LOGO you're thinking of, which was actually the inspiration for this game. I was trying to do a LOGO unit with my 3rd graders, but the kids were having some trouble with moving around by rotating the turtle and moving forward or backward, and a LOT of trouble with syntax errors. So, I decided to write the game to work around those problems.

Thanks for playing!


Rated 2 / 5 stars


This could have been executed much better and now there is simolar game on newgrounds, that is much better. I believe it is called: Lightbot

I quited after 2nd level because in this game a sabroutine cannot call itself an the 2nd sabroutine cannot call the 1st whitch is crappy in my opinion. There is this game Lightbot on this portal where this has been corrected.

Also the sound was terrible.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

"Okay, but a bit laggy"

The gameplay is okay, the concept is okay, the design is okay, but the game is a bit slow, so I hope you fix it in the next release.


Rated 2 / 5 stars

good, but slow

its slow when u run bill. and some ppl (like me and my friends and others on the computer) don't hav money to buy the songs we want to listen to. or we don't hav the money to buy an iPod or some mp3 player to listen to. so we use the free-to-listen songs on the internet. so when u play a game and ur listening to music and u don't like the game music, wut do u do? u press "s" or "m" for "sound" or "music". if that doesn't work... u look for the sound or music icon in the game. but wait... there isn't one! u hav a choice...

-listen to ur music while listening to that awful game music u never ever want to hear again

-or don't play the game at all!

but its a really, really, REALLY, good game. now wut? well, i like music more than this game's crudy music(which, by the way, U CAN'T TURN OFF!!!), so i'll find another game. one that has the option to turn the sound on and off.

so...the moral of the story:


other than the sound problem, its good(but really slow).


Rated 3 / 5 stars

good concept, not great delivery

the game itself is a decent concept and very simular to another one... but the speed with witch it was created is evident :) nice attempt and i hope you make more