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Oct 28, 2004 | 4:25 AM EDT

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Just something I made for Halloween. I'm submitting it early because I might not be able to submit it on Sunday, but anyway, please leave a review, I enjoy reading them.



Rated 4 / 5 stars

Its interesting how art shows emotion

As PyroJuggalo said", being outcasted, and being a clown and just having mo-fackos looking @ u strange, just wanting to kill them, I feel the emotion in this movie..." thats probably how this boy lived and a person to do such a thing needs an incredible amount of hatred and sadness...cause you're not just gonna wake up one day, and say to yourself"hey i dont see any point to my life, let me just do a killing spree...yeah! that sounds fun!, oh and then kill MYSELF, i wanna know what that would be like..."you need something very deep inside you to make u do such a thing...he must of been suffering so bad inside that it made death look more appealing to him, then precious life...cause a normal happy person would get nervous and panic and try to prevent it by any means nessesary at just the THOUGHT that they wont be able to live a long and healthy life....
and people judging the kid here has no use at all ,if hes in hell or whatever, what do we care? hes just where he needs to be reguarding his actions, not where we say hes going, cause truely, who can assure us that there even is heaven or hell? thats just a theory that MAN has created in his subconsious to give more meaning to life, cause it would seem pointless that we live in a world where we have nothing to live for after we die, all that effort, all that we acomplish,for what, for nothing, people just cannot accept that ,and thus creating a BELIEF,cause thats all it is, theres no proof of its existance.... what he did,its all in the past, all we need now is to learn from this ,insted of crying and bitching about it..and make sure that it does not happen again.

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Rated 3 / 5 stars

Sad..not the flash..the reality...<Lives in MN

How sad taht he did that and how come his face was not on there... there was no horns on his head... i wonder why...well its an okay flash... if it didn't so clash on the hard reality of what he did... what he did was not right.. not in gods eyes... but in humanity's eyes... we have certain rules of humanity... we can't just go killling everyone...its a pity what he did... so i'm pitying him for his pain... 6outta 10 ain't bad... rest in peace... victims...and jeff...


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

a decent halloween flash but uh...

very very much similar to the Stephen King novel "It". not very original. but seeing as you are dead now, it doesn't really matter.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

A little clarity

I'm not too familiar with the whole story of this kids life, so please don't quote me on it. I'm aware that he killed 9 people and then killed himself. People on this site are being judgemental and in the eyes of your god is against your so called beliefs. Only GOD can judge a human being if GOD actually exists.
Most of you have no idea what a life of depression can be like. Being the last chosen to play games in gym class. Not having friends because your PERSONALITY isn't the normality of your school. You can't CHANGE the way you feel just like that. You can't CHANGE your personality just to suite other peoples needs to make them like you. Kids are cruel and heartless. No fear of consequence. They say what's on thier mind. If you're fat, you're going to get picked on. If you wear glasses you're going to get picked on. If you are really skinny. If your breasts haven't developed yet. If you have zitz all over your face. If you have braces. Whatever makes you look different is what's going to be other childrens muse to pick on you. Some people get used to being picked on. Other people can't handle the constant criticism.
Family problems are another thing. Being loved is something that is needed in a childs life.

I am not saying that what he did was right. There is no good murder. BUT. And I say this with pure honesty. I am sure there was a reason he killed those people. If they provoked it in anyway I hope they got what they deserved. If they didn't proboke it, then I feel nothing but sorrow for the victims in this event.
I also feel more so for Jeff. I don't know him at all, but I do know that he must have been in some serious mental pain to be able to do what he did. If only people would stop being assholes to people that are different and just try to get to know them better.
I'm ending on this.
Try to keep an open mind in this life. The human body no matter how well taken care of can be a very fragile thing. Before you know it, it can be taken away from you. No God can save you if you are ment to go. Make sure you go with a firm understanding of the world you live in. An understanding that YOU developed not what someone else taught you to believe.

good day.

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Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Much Juggalo Family Clown Love.

wow, I seriously feelt his movie, being outcasted, and being a clown and jsut having mo-fackos looking @ u strange, jsut wanting to kill them, I feel the emotion in this movie... and I ahte ppl have noi sympothy or understanding for Jeff Wiese... it really sucks man... for the 9 people but especially him that this fucked up world drove him to do,..... it really does, he had fucking talent bro.... and it really suck, I hope his soul can jsut hear me and call out to me, in a non-angered way re:this... RIP Jeff Wiese.... may ur soul lie easy with/// or without REGRET1

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