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Oct 28, 2004 | 4:25 AM EDT

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Just something I made for Halloween. I'm submitting it early because I might not be able to submit it on Sunday, but anyway, please leave a review, I enjoy reading them.



Rated 3 / 5 stars

Makes me sad think how tormented and in pain you were before you went to such extreme measures.

I know we are all capable of horrible things .. if you had GOD in your heart you would of been strong enough to turn away and pick yourself up from your painful life.

Im sorry for you Jeff and for all those affected by this horrible event.

R.I.P. all of you and peace to your families X God Bless X


Rated 4 / 5 stars


i guess this is a grave stone, instead of a review.... every page of this review section is a graveyard, or stupid idiots yelling at your dead body for making this and doing what you did.
I hope you check reviews in heaven, hell or wherever you might be. Some would say your in hell, but you did what you felt was right. Im not saying i agree with killing people at random like that. for god sakes man, they said you where smiling.... then again, i see what you had to die for, and maybe to kill for. suicide is right for some people. if you hate life that bad, just make it go away, because for some, it dosnt work just to try and "make it better"...
I dont care about what people said in news reports about you being "a goth kid" because anyone could have done that. Columbine was the same. Everyone has a problem. Making a flash like this dosnt mean your bitching about it. I get the impression that you were just a violent kid. I mean that as in you liked to draw, talk and hear about death and violence. i used to be exactly the same....
anyways... if you can read this in wherever it is you went, i just want to say that i think, aside from the rest of what iv been talking about, you where and amazing artist and you should have stuck with it. Iv done my research on you... you seemed like an interesting person. scary, but interesting...

Rest In Peace- Jeff Weise

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Rated 4 / 5 stars

A word or two...

Although I believe suicide is a chicken shit way to go, taking more than your own life is even more chicken shit. Especially fucked up for the undeserving people. Suicide is for the weak. Who CAN'T handle life? Boo fucking hoo... Be glad your fucking alive in the first place, rather than take for granted all you've been given. People live a plush fucking life, and it's never good enough for anyone? Give me a fucking break... Now my pointless review... Literallly...

The graphics weren't half bad at all. Too dark for my tastes, however. The sound fit in perfectly with the movie as well. I'm gonna give it an 8/10. But, YOU deserve a 0/10, for being a selfish, undeserving human being.


Rated 4 / 5 stars


You people seriously need to stop with the ' omg!1!! u suk!!!!11!' stuff. It's fucking lame. I personally didn't know Jeff, but some of my friends did. It was horrible what happened in Red Lake, but I really don't think there was anything anyone could have done to stop it. Flash animations like this aren't ' a cry for help'. The kid was into violence... so are alot of kids on here. Yes, it is tragic that nine people had to lose their lives to senseless violence but I believe things happen for a reason. That does NOT mean I condone what Jeff did.
I'm just asking you to have respect for the dead and stop with all the flaming.
" You Cannot Change What's Over, But Only Where You Go." - Enya

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Rated 4 / 5 stars


It's a real shame that people have to ruin theirs and others' lives because they aren't strong enough to take what shit life throws at everybody. This boy inspires many other teenage killers who can't find any other way to end their bullying. They have no personality and rely on others. This is obviously shown in this flash and his other one. Part of the plot was clearly for attention. I mean, he even said in his description that he might not be able to post it on sunday so he is posting it now.

He obviously wanted someone to go, hey why can't you post it on sunday? then he would give out other little clues to his massacre in the hope that someone would stop him by being his friend.
Rather than doing something about his life he proudly remained a stoner who is home schooled.
I don't understand people who do this. Maybe it's just the dumbfucks like him.
What a nutcase and a waste of fucking space on earth.
If he had've not done this then he could have been proud to say he had been through so much shit in his life but had been strong enough to get through it, but he was a weak peice of shit who had to resolve his problems with the easy pull of a trigger.
Nice flash though.