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Oct 23, 2004 | 8:34 PM EDT

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Author Comments

AT LONG LAST! I scraped together the will to finish episode 4. Thanks to Kirbopher15's cartoon, "TTA", I got the inspiration to finish it. And it only took me FOURTY FREAKING HOURS TO DO, DAMNIT.

This is the episode when all of the EVIL ARCH NEMESES decide to show up and confront everyone's favorite Gamin Frends. I even got a girl to do the girl's voice this time!



Rated 4 / 5 stars October 25, 2004

The Best

Yes please continue these. I just took the time to watch every one of these. at first I wasn't sure, but the mroe I watched the more they grew on me. I really enjoyed the humor in this and all of them. Good Humor is always the best thign to have.

Renshu responds:

Thanks! And your wish is my command.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars October 25, 2004

This just in ..... I farted, LOL.....

This is great dude, I like the whole series, has a game and anime style feel to it. I hope you continue this episode some day, lol. You have a very unique style. Also don't listen to all those idiots complaining about the violence level, these are the same idiots that put "Don't Step on a Crack" on the front page. That flash is not violent, not funny, not original, and generally just sucks. I rather see this on the front page, keep up the great work.

Renshu responds:

Thanks buddy! This episode was MADE to be continued, you just wait! (And I guess there really IS a conspiracy that gets things on the front page.


Rated 5 / 5 stars October 25, 2004

What a lame flash

ding ding here comes the shit mobile

i mean seriously no interactivity wtf? and theres little to no violence.. and the graphics R SUX if u ask me... some of dem aren't even fully colored!!!!11

and the humor dont get me started... were u smoking crack? wtf is the lucky charms guy doing in here? i dunno man... the voices wre poorly done and that girl impersonation voice u did was total fake.. u can tell it was a guy

id like to give u an A for effort but..... F

better luck next time buddy

Renshu responds:



Rated 5 / 5 stars October 24, 2004

I DO sound hawt!

I registered so I could leave you a little comment on how awesome this one was. I really like the Kill Bill-ness you had going on. And the expression on the sun's face when the Mexican flies over him.
And the way my voice actually sounded kind of cool. Glad I could help out. ^_^

Renshu responds:

Wahoo! Thankyaz! I'll be welcoming any OTHER help I can solicit from you. SO BE WARY, GIRLYGIRL!


Rated 5 / 5 stars October 24, 2004

Ninjas Rule!!!!

This was great- I like the mix of graphic styles you used. Who needs to colour stuff in or have backgrounds all the time? You're a real inspiration to me.
Hehehe, and I love that thing about the Ninja Soda and Ninja Pudding- I just wonder what it tastes like O_O;;

Renshu responds:

Thanks very much! And I myself would enjoy seeing Ninja pudding and soda marketed somehow. :D