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Oct 2, 2004 | 3:29 AM EDT

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After snorting coke I made this movei, it's so amazing, enjoy.



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0, 0 and again: 0

just postet this to rate you a 0


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Why am I even waisting my time commenting on this!

Do you for real think thats cool? That was a waste of life watching your pathetic excuse for a.......whatever you wanna call it movie! Ha Ha, I think I'm cool because I do coke! Keep putting shit up your nose then will see how cool you are when your a crackhead! By the way, If I get kicked off of this site for my opinion about this, it was well worth it!!!!!!!!


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i bet the people who actualy enjoyed this were probably on somekind of drug from cheese to weed it had to be something to make them like it


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really ?

Can you do ANYTHING worth watching at ALL ?
And don't pull the "can you do any better`?" crap ! I know I cant do it better yet, so there's a reason that I wait publishing things. I know many people just think "hey It's a free website, it doesn't cost me anything to put my crap up" , well DON'T ! you're just wasting peoples time and probably destroying your own self confidence getting rewews like this.


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im not sher how to score it..i was kinda smokin pot while watchin say 10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
! W()()T!!!!!!