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"Target Practice"

rated 2.68 / 5 stars
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Oct 2, 2004 | 3:23 AM EDT

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Author Comments

My first Frame by Frame animation, and my first submission to NG. This was basically just a test, or practice, and has no plot other then people getting blown away.



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Look around

Saddly this is pretty basic NG submission. I have seen too much of these
"somebody kills something for no reason"-movies. I think it would be good time to start making anotherkind of movies. Violence is not that bad, it just so overdone and dull and it leaves bad taste in your mouth.


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I do not know why I am typing this. This person did a terrible thing. He killed other people, and tunred the gun on himself. I am not saying he deserved to die. But he had considerable talent, and it is a shame he went down this path.

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When I heard the first gunshot, my heart jumped. This seems like the plan that Jeff Weise had only as a flash. I never heard of this shooting, but like any, I'm sure it was awful.
And to think, some people thought it was just a simple, yet sick animation. Who would've guessed back then...

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Blame America and Society.

I would blame society and America for picking on this kid. I think they pushed him to do this. So he snapped. That's what you get for picking on people.

So blame society and America for being a bunch of assholes.


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and another poor soul falls to darkness

let it be known that no one deserves such a cruel faith and it's true he had no reason to do the things he did but imagine if you were him day after day you suffer the humiliation of the very people you have to see everyday. till you can take no more you seek salvation only to find a druken mother and abusive father. so much pain you cant even hold it it burst like a river a tears and blood in your search to end it all. a way to find salvation ......a road to paradise for we all must take that hard road to our end everyone in life faces it sooner or later even if everything is going good and easy for you sooner or later you will lose everything you will hit the bottom. your body sore your spirt broken you will seek to end it all. but have no fear for this is the test the great test of faith. to see if you had enough strength to carry out your burden. but if you want it bad enough self determination will lead you through that long road. and in the end when you have bleed and sacrificed and lived. you will find it.....................your own paradise. i should know i've been teased i've been beaten there were times i sought to end it all and leave this world behind me. but i went on and i continued to walk that road and i've found it paradise my love my ligth ........her smile alone would bring me up from self damnation so you see she is my paradise and i dont know if she knows this but i would do anything to see her smile..............even at the cost of my own life. i cry for this young man because he gave up before he can find his paradise his love his light his burden was to great for him to bare either that or he refused to. so i say to you all at newgrounds i hope you all find that which you could spend your entire life looking and i hope you find it your life your love your paradise dont stray keep the flame of hope alive

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