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"Target Practice"

rated 2.68 / 5 stars
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Oct 2, 2004 | 3:23 AM EDT

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Author Comments

My first Frame by Frame animation, and my first submission to NG. This was basically just a test, or practice, and has no plot other then people getting blown away.



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Notice that..

when he shoots the people you dont see much of their dead body after, or when he shoots himself.

doesnt think about the effects if you get me.

too bad he went off like that, the guy had some talent.


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I agree with Maxill

Maxill puts up a very good point, and I agree with him. Though what "jeff" did was unspeakably horrible, this entry is shockingly similar to numerous entries that we have here in the site. Too often to just turnour head and laugh at someone getting the crap kicked out of them, or seeing a "hero" shoot thousands of enemies to get to the boss and kill him with a kitana.

I think the real thing to remember is that this place is meant to be a site for animation and expression, whatever that expression might be. But we can't forget that there are people who need help, and that this kind of thing can't be looked at lightly.


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This is sick.

Aside from the fact that this is just some piece of shit that has a creep killing people and it was made by a kid that killed people.
I dont think many of you can act righteous, how many people that visit NG love his kind of thing, you only think bad of it when it was made by a looney that went and shot up a school, if this was made by anyone else there would be alot of you out there who would keep eating your mayonaise sandwiches and think that the author of this was the coolest guy on earth.

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We don't feel bad for you...

You made this cry for help and then you denied it when someone tried to point it out. You killed more people than your character did. The only audience this was intended for was really yourself, because you enjoyed drawing every frame, thinking of how it was going to be. You are the deepest kind of scum that could exist. You are no better than your hero, Hitler, because you made the impure Natives your targets. You thought you were a freedom fighter, but you weren't. The only freedom you affected was the freedom of life previously enjoyed by the people you destroyed. You killed your own descendants because you thought they stood in the way of this goal. The liberal media cries out for you, because of a tragic childhood. Your behavior is excused and you are now a martyr for elitest Native Americans.

Everyday I watch my country unravel, strand by strand. The most basic freedom is being diminished... the freedom to live without fear of threat or death... and so the media tells us that racism is okay, as long as its not against a minority. Your death was tragic.

... I think I'm going to be sick.


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Love'm or Hate'm this guy spoke the truth. View his profile and read his reviews, I think it might have been America that drove him to do such a thing. I don't see why leaving his submission up is doing any harm, it is helping ppl see that he was troubled and maybe people will realize that treating other people like crap will effect them, no matter how harmless your comments seem. It is a shame what happened and how it happened but it could have been avoided.