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Oct 2, 2004 | 3:23 AM EDT

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My first Frame by Frame animation, and my first submission to NG. This was basically just a test, or practice, and has no plot other then people getting blown away.



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It's sad that I can understand his pain.

I know where he's coming from. I was almost at this point in my life merely months ago; looking back on it, it was absolutely frightening.

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I don't condone but I understand

I am an intelligent semi-introverted high school student with few friends. I hate racism and bullying and my career ambitions are to be a web designer and horrorcore rapper. me and Weise also share the same political beliefs and clinical depressions.
But under no circumstances would I comitt school shooting. any political statement or anti-bullying message he sent was lost in tragedy. He should have leaded on his talents to carry him through as I do instead of resorting to a kamakazie mission.
This was a great movie & Jeff Weise could have made a good living as a graphic designer or video game animator Instead he opted 4 stupitity & death

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i Know how he feels

I understand were hes comming froom to feel like know one wants you and that life is worthless and you want to do what the video showed but there is hope left and i hope he saw that beafor he pulled the trigger R.I.P Jeffrey Weise


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The whim of a madman



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It's a shame

He had such a rough childhood going into tough teen years. They should have been there for him and given him a chance. R.I.P