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Sep 12, 2004 | 3:17 PM EDT

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  • Piconjo
    Piconjo If Pico is our Mario, Piconjo must be our Wario.

Author Comments

if j00 r part of my w3b site j00 could have been 1337 and saw this yesterday on teh anniversary. Instead j00 r teh l0zer and have 2 watch it here. its ok I <3 j00 anyway.
this is a piconjo tribute about the victims of 9-11 paying homage to me, teh most awesome animator evah. yes, even teh ded must pay homage to me cuz I am so 1337 and I pwn j00 all.
Piconjo <3 j00



Rated 2 / 5 stars


well um...i liked that sound loop at the beginning, that was cool....didnt quite get the ending...i mean...ummm....your p3nor as you refer to it somehow was constructed seconds after a plane hit the tower, and caused it to frown....maybe its like...poetic liscence or something......or not......

Piconjo responds:

it takes many years of studies b4 j00 can truly understand teh meaning of any Piconjo movie. my <3 goes with j00 on ur quest of pwnism.


Rated 3 / 5 stars


i cannot believe it!! i actually enjoyed watching this?! AHH whats happening to m3?! lol.
i would say that this is one of your best movies yet. it actually had some form of story line, and the plot was actually followed through with!! although the graphics werent the best, as obviously you're using stick figures, i didnt think that they were too bad... considering some of your previous works.
also, there was actually some form of hetra-sexuality in the movie! lol, its definately a first, and you've come a long way, hahaha.
well, nice stuff. i enjyoed it.
overall score: 6/10


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


daTS SO funny


Rated 3 / 5 stars


NOt bad haha.
IT was alot better than some of your other stuff. Im always a sucker when someone uses time travel in a movie. so you get a 666


Rated 0 / 5 stars

Could you forget the sexual stuff plz?

If you want piconjo to save one of the towers, at least keep the phallic stuff out of 9/11. I would have voted higher without that.

Also, the 2004 sticks need more movement.

Piconjo responds:

my p3n0r > WTC
and why would stickmen need more movement? ther just stick figures. duh. ther ment 2 b crappy.