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Aug 30, 2004 | 6:44 PM EDT

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This is a Clock Collaboration Music Video for Slipknot's Duality. Taking over a week's worth of effort from 5 different contributors, this proves to be the greatest work that each of us have done. With combined talents and skills in Flash, our team has put together this masterpiece. Loaded with violence, hardcore animation, and some humor, this clock music video contains a full-length music video plus bonus features. Please enjoy this wonderful work as we have enjoyed making it for Newgrounds. Thank you.

- BlueCherryClock, CandleClock, CodeRedClock, NightmareClock, MuffinsClock, and CrackedClock

P.S. See if you can find some hidden easter eggs in the film as well. Happy hunting!



Rated 5 / 5 stars


well not much to say
i hate clocks but since i love slipknot so much i overlook the clocks

very nice job with everything. animation was awesome

o yea and to doomsdaydemon...

beanies520 responds:

Thanks my awesome dude! I'm glad you saw past teh clockz0rz and enjoyed the movie. Heheh... and thank you for dissing out that little fucker down there, he deserves that.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


i almost decided to not watch this since its slipknot because i "dislike" slipknot...but then i thought to myself "Do i really wanna be one of those assholes who votes zero on a excellent submission just because of something as insignificant as a song?" of course my response was no. so i watched it and the song did match the animation...and it turned out to be a well done flash! good job! yay!

beanies520 responds:

Well thank you Dungeonman, I'm glad you thought otherwise. The one thing that pisses me off though is that you would fucking vote 0 because of the song. Even if you THOUGHT of it, it still pisses me off.


Rated 0 / 5 stars

*no comment*

oh wait..i do have a comment..i refuse to watch,and like this submission..for 1 reason


beanies520 responds:

The least you could have done to improve the litter already in this community was to "refuse" to write a fucking review.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

well done

i like the songs you chose for your flash. it matched prefectly with your work, good job.

beanies520 responds:

Thank you my friend.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Not Bad

I'm not a clock fan. But take no offense, you earned my 5. Mainly because:
1. The song kicks ass
2. The last few reviewers who say "t3h cl0kz suxors" or whatever foreign jibberish that shit is supposed to be piss me off. Take it as an earned 5 or a 5 out of spite for piss-ant kids.
3. Went with the beat, thats hard to do when there's a drummer, 2 percussionists, and a dj playing.
Good job. Keep it up.

beanies520 responds:

Heeeeey... thanks for the review! I agree with all your points, 1-3. May you go in peace, and bless ye.