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Aug 3, 2004 | 4:50 PM EDT

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  • Piconjo
    Piconjo If Pico is our Mario, Piconjo must be our Wario.

Author Comments

Yoichi Wada saw the potential in piconjo. Now the greatest amalgamation has manifested itself into the ULTIMATE FORM! BEHOLD!



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Rated 2 / 5 stars


not too bad, but not too good, either.
i really have nothing against either Piconjo or LF, but i do think that your movies could do with a bit more detail... because you can make better looking characters than that.
also, i think the whole 'Piconjo owns LF' thing is gettin old... you have certainly made your point that LF sux p3n0r.
so now, work on a good story line, and the detail of your graphics!
overall score: 4/10
(THE THUMB: down)


Rated 4 / 5 stars

hahahaha ya not much makes me laugh

Awesome nice comp voicing and you gotta love the credits roll


Rated 1 / 5 stars

I'm sorry but now it's just gone too far.

Yes I see you hate LegendaryFrog and in fact you were once hilarious. But now I'm sorry my friend but you have merely become what you hated so much in the first place. Every single person who says that OMG LF AND IWP ARE LOSERS BECAUSE THEIR FLASHES ARE REPETITIVE I <3 PICONJO BECAUSE HE MAKES FUN OF THEM!!!11111one!!!! seriously needs to stop humoring you. You are doing the same thing they did, and guess what, you've got PICONJO FANS! Yes Piconjo fans. And what's this I see they merely vote insta 5s on your flash because you made it. And these are the same people who go around saying, I HATE IWP AND LF FANS BECAUSE THEY ALWAYS VOTE 5 WITHOUT EVEN WATCHING. But it's ok for them to do the same thing for you? I scored your flash just like I would have if it was anyone elses. If it was LF, IWP, or -KNOX- I would have still done the same scoring system. So take that into consideration before you call me a LF FAN or FOAMHEAD. Sure I may like them and I did like you for some time, until you became what you hated. I'm sorry but it's just gotten old and I've decided to move on. BackToNormal no longer <3s joo. Anyone who clicks that this review was not helpful or abusive merely proves my point about piconjo fans. Thank you for your time, I hope you use your talent for something worthwhile one day.


Rated 0 / 5 stars


Take more time on your flash"s" and dont waste other peoples time.