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Mega Man vs. Quick Man

rated 4.29 / 5 stars
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Jul 26, 2004 | 1:20 PM EDT
  • Daily Feature July 27, 2004
  • Weekly 2nd Place July 27, 2004

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Author Comments

Warning: Graphic intensive. Toggle quality if lagged up.

Here's my tribute to the first Mega Man game I played: Mega Man II. Many thanks for all the support!

Background info about submission

This one took some blood and sweat, but I'm glad I finished it through. I decided to create this short after purchasing a digital drawing pad. I was dying to put my new toy to work and decided on doing a Mega Man short.

I veered away from my usual twisted humor and decided to make something that more NG peeps could appreciate. After some storyboarding, I started animating. This was truly a learning experience artistically and flash-wise. As you may notice, some scenes will look sharper than others. I also realize that some Mega Man elements are mixed (i.e. Mega Man X sound effects and Mega Buster weapon) but think of it as artistic liberties. Also, lots of people have complained about Mega Man's bleeding disorder. :) Again, I didn't think it would hamper the whole flash, but apparently it did for some. I'll definately reconsider that if I do another one.

Either way I hope you Mega Man fans are appeased and you general users are intrigued.

Also FYI, Martin Lastra is my favorite uncle who introduced me to Mega Man when I was a wee lad. Ain't that heartwarming?

Anyway, enjoy the movie.

--El Cid



Rated 5 / 5 stars


never b4 hav i seen a megaman flash with such awsom skills in it like this! WELL DONE!


Rated 5 / 5 stars

This is by far one of the most revolutionary flash movies ever created. ESPECIALLY for 2004. Thus for a 10 Year Anniversary, I will give a VERY detailed review of the film.

Scene 1
Mega Man has finished getting through the area, unscathed. This shows that the player is very good at playing Mega Man II. Mega Man walks down the dark, dramatic hallway, and the door opens slowly. This is very good foreshadowing and storytelling. Such as when you start a film at the end and then answer why that is so.

Scene 2
Mega Man gets a Quick Boomerang thrown at him and quickly dodges it. lol quick
Then we are immediately introduced to Quick Man, a robot that, like his brothers, falls from the sky, lands, and does his pose. You incorporated so much from the game, that I wondered how I could buy Mega Man II. YOU EVEN LET HIM HAVE HIS SHINY BOOMERANG!! :D

Scene 3
So here we have Mega Man shooting at Quick Man and missing. This is normal. Quick Man dashes around like a madman, and Mega Man is then punched in the jaw, and spurts blood. Quick Man basically does this often. Mega Man immediately gets pissed and charges the Mega Buster. This was pretty cool to see, but weird at the same time, because he couldn't do this until Mega Man IV. Still, maybe this represents what the player's wishes are, or their anger as to getting hit. Quick Man dodges the blast, but not before his arm is laser'd. Quick Man throws another Quick Boomerang into Mega Man's shoulder, and Quick Man proceeds with his next attack.

Scene 4
Quick Man runs at top speed across the room at Mega Man, who is stuck to the wall by the speed weapon. Mega Man then switches his weapon to having Metal Blade, and fires, doing nothing. This is based off of fact. Mega Man, still unable to move, possibly representing the player's panic, switches swiftly to the Time Stopper. Mega Man then stops panicking and removes the 'rang from his shoulder and walks away. Quick Man lands to the ground, with the Crash Bomber still stuck to his head. He notices Mega Man somehow got to the opposite wall. Mega Man takes the final shot, and receives the Quick Boomerang.

Finishing Touches
You did very well, put in actual things from the game, AND you dedicated the film to a person; your uncle. I hope he saw this, because I know for a fact that he would be VERY proud. Rating?

Message from Dr. Light!!

5 Star rating completed!! Get your flash films ready!!


Eckitron v.K-176 Beta

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Rated 5 / 5 stars


Admittingly I've never been a real fan of Mega Man, but I wanted to check this out anyway and I must say looking past the fact that I don't care about MM, I really like this flash! The graphics were great, the fighting was awesome, and the sound was intense, matching the action pretty well. Thanks for such a fine quality flash!


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Best flash ever

nice...good graphics.....keep it up



Rated 5 / 5 stars

People are retarded.

I know this flash was done some few years ago, but everytime I watch this I see the comments that complain about the blood.
Well I for one, love the blood idea. And I love how you mixed a little bit of Rockman X's ( Megaman X, lol. ) helmet/face design with the regular Rockman's helmet and face design.
I think it was an awesome idea. :)
So pay not attention to those who said the blood was "bothering" them.
Fuck, I loved it.
Do it again if you make another Megaman flash, I'd love to see more like this~.

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