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Jun 28, 2004 | 12:10 PM EDT

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This is the first real attempt I have made at flash, and the first serious cartoon I have made. It's a personal subject. Any feedback would be much appreciated.



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Holy shit!

Great to see your first submission but - MAD CADDIES!? I've always shared your taste of music but I never imagined you would possess any Mad Caddies! Cool man

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Pretty good

At first I wasn't either sure what sort of "illness" Scribbler had, but once alcohol and drugs were mentioned it was pretty obvious that these were the source of his problems. An obvious warning about drinking and addiction...I'm starting to wonder and get interested in your background, though.


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amazing :)

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I like this one. Reminds me of me when I was younger.

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Very thought provoking

I know i might be looking too deep into this, but here's my interpretation nontheless, if possible i'd like you to give some sort of reply or personal message on my interpretation, although i know you're a busy man:

I think the character of Scribbler is a manic deppressive, schizophrenic or maybe a little of both. I think this because of the things he feels, i think the 'illness' mentioned is more of a mental one, a depression, although some physical illness could be present as being unhappy isn't really good for your health. All those things he mentions remind me in some small way about the way i feel sometimes, the crowded room thing is so true, you can feel sometimes like people are looking at you or that you don't want them to, when you're home on your own you can sorta relax more. The ecstatic bit is like the manic part to manic depression, where he feels full of energy, happiness and hope, maybe it's a personal subject because in some smaller way you feel a bit like him sometimes, or someone you know or something.

Am i right on any of this? if not, ah well, still my interpretation:P

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