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Ghost Motel 9 (3D)

rated 3.44 / 5 stars
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Jun 22, 2004 | 7:54 PM EDT
  • Daily 5th Place June 23, 2004

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Author Comments

3D Animation: Violet-AIm
Voice: XwaynecoltX

Ghost Motel 9
This is a 3D animated movie, which was imported into flash. Previous episodes are in 2D. If you have a slow computer, click the "Toggle Quality" button to change to low quality because it might be graphically intense, and this will help it run smoother.
Ghost Motel 8 will be coming out soon hopefully. Ghost Motel 9 starts out with Joseph trying his first mission as a demon hunter.

Absent from flash after this was made. Any posts or reviews made by me from May 2005-Jan 2011 was not by me. Somebody broke into my account and made posts without my consent.



Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


It was nice, I'll take 3D over 1 second stick art submitted by 13 year olds any day. The face didn't look to much like the 2D though >_< And the movement was rather restricted. It's a good idea to make random missions that This ghost (Forgot hes name...) has to go on. Just... please Don't! And I mean don't Do a matrix wannabe move. Good stuff keep it up, and good luck with your 3D hope ya get better.

Violet-AIM responds:

Anyhow, this was just a test, I probably won't be sending any more 3D animations here, or at least not with ghost motel. Thanks for the review Inziladun.


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


well voilet...i think you and love kills may want to hold of on the 3D. i enjoyed it but i really didnt get into it like the other ghost motels. i like how you have it in 3D but i do not like how you went to 7 to 9. I am a fan of Ghost motel and i will watch all the upcoming ones if they are in 3D or not. one more thing if you do make the others in 3D, you should make them longer and more exciting. I also have an idea, you have him read spells out of a book to kill the demon's instead of using a ray gun. well, good work and do what you wish.

Violet-AIM responds:

No, I don't think there will be more 3D Ghost Motels... not for now. Mainly because there are too many restrictions and stuff. Anyways, the good news is that episode 10 has just been released today. I went ahead with ep.9 & 10 because ep.8 had been taking awhile. The gun thing was just for this episode. You'll see later how Joseph kills demons in the regular episodes. :)


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


I think it actually looked pretty good in 3D, however, it was tooo short. I liked the music (although I always admired the self composed music you used in the other Ghost Motels) but I still believe the voice acting lets you down.


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

graphics were well done much to short

i must worn enyone who watches this that inless your computer is above a top notch computer (maby rich people) then it will skip like a few scene or something im not sure and i also have a top notch internet connection

Violet-AIM responds:

Well when I first made this, to be imported in flash, I had it as a sequence of jpg's, and was trying to preserve space, so things happened very quickly and frames were cut. But in the actual one, it turned out to be 2.5 minutes, with smoother animation, and not so skippy or jumpy like that. However, I am quite limited in what I could send in here or put into flash. The high quality avi file was way too high file size to be put in here. I don't know if I would send another 3D animation into flash. If I did, I would probably try to find a way to put more into it, if possible, and also, it probably wouldn't be a ghost motel 3D, but some other subject.


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

kinda short

the animation was great, but as we all learnt when we were the Flash101 class. great animation doesnt' make a great movie, if the story is weak, I'm sure you'll do alo better on the next one

Violet-AIM responds:

Well the purpose of this animation was to attempt and practice 3D animation, but I just happened to bring it into flash for people at NG to see. This is only part of the story. Because of certain restrictions (my limited skills and file size in flash), I can not tell a really complex story. Just wanted to keep things simple. Thanks for the feedback tenurialguy.