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May 30, 2004 | 1:41 AM EDT

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  • Earthbound
    Earthbound Ness and friends always find themselves in a heap of trouble!

Author Comments

I put this together when I was at home playing Earthbound and realized i needed to do a toon of it. I wanted to put a serious touch to it without losing the earthbound feel, i hope i accomplished something you can enjoy. please give me a good score on this, i had to go through it many times for it had bugs.



Rated 2 / 5 stars

alrite i supose

i fount it a bit boring but it was alrite i supose


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

it was an okay flash

yo this is okay. it couldve been better but it doesnt reely matter about the graphics so long as u can recognize the figures and stuff. i am playing earthbound for the first time now due to my emulators. it was kinda funny the way pokey was plotting, lol."ness is gonna be so jelous". but he shoould be jelois of ness(pokey cant fite for shizzle). oh and to the guy behind me, u need to take a chill pill bill, alright? this guy probly worked hard and spent some time on this flash to serve YOU (the viewer) and alls u say is crap bout how he didnt make it rite and there were boxes so it was obvious but i dont care . it was a good flash and u suck soggy log


Rated 2 / 5 stars


OOOOOOG, Cripes... so... just... added to add...

Graphics: bad, i mean just plain bad. some of the characters were not properly edited. the boxes around them obvious, did you even double check this? next time dont submit it unless it doesnt have ANY bugs, bugs make the flash look like garbage, its THE WORST possible thing to have on whats supposed to be a finished product.

Style: the plot was just the game with some odd things in it... unpleasent. if i wanted to watch the game id play it...

Sound: wasent to bad, the music was not good for the moment. but it was well put in.

Violence: none, doesnt effect score
interactivty: this never effects my score.
humor: i dont think it was supposed to be funny, so it doesnt effect score.

Because of the bug's and the bad idea for a flash, since anyone could just play the game. i suggest you either fix it, or it be blamed to not crowd other more well done flashes.


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Not bad

It looks like you rushed this movie a little. You didn't take your time and make sure everything came out perfectly. If you're using KoolMoves, I can understand. That program is worthless if you want ANYTHING to come out right. If you're using Flash MX, you probably aren't very familiar with it yet, and I can understand that. It's a confusing program to use at first, but just keep practicing. I see good things for you in the future. Just keep at it and you'll do fine. Peace.


Rated 3 / 5 stars

A little boring...but good none the less.

I thought it was kind of short and boring...but with that being said i couldn't create a flash movie if my life depended on good job!