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Apr 13, 2004 | 2:06 PM EDT
  • Daily 2nd Place April 14, 2004

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Author Comments

** Note: My old site '' is gone. New one is ''.
Please read the comments below. Sorry about the 8bit-ish graphics, but they are the only ones appropriate given this games sheer size. Lastly, if you run into a problem with the keys, speed, music, graphics, stages, etc, USE the information link in the game!

Note: Recently (2008) I've found why the games speed runs inconsistently. Sadly, this ones to far gone to fix it. There will be a Remix version of this one out sometime far in the future to fix all that stuff and improve on the game engine like I have done in Megaman Next Remix. Also my normal website has gone from being to and is being rebuilt slowly.

Arrow Keys = Move, D = Attack, S = Jump, A = Dash, E = Special, ENTER = Crusher, BACKSPACE = Pause.
- The game is best played with a gamepad or joystick. See the details at this link for easy steps to do so:
- You may need to set this to low-quality to help speed it up, or high-quality to slow it down.

- Despite the title, this is NOT a Megaman game in the traditional sense. It plays the way I like it (fast and furious with auto-jump/dash) rather than Capcom's style. Please don't expect a game engine like Capcom's because that was NOT my goal for this.
- This is a full length game (actually 4 of them). If you don't practice or aren't good with platform games you will be killed.
- If this version runs slow for you, there is a stripped down low-quality version on my site. If it runs to fast for you, try opening a few programs in the background to take away some resources.
- MMXN is a sidestory to my comic "Rick's Adventure : Legends" and is not part of the Capcom universe.
- The intro stage link on the title will take you to the intro level.
- The demo link will take you to a practice room to get familiar with the characters and controls.
- A metric ton of information is presented in the 'Instructions' and 'Info' section on the title screen. As well as links to the ability list and strategy guides.
- Since this is a real game, don't expect the bosses to roll over and die for you. They WILL try to kill you to the best of their ability. This a game for those who are good at fast & aggressive platform games.
- This fella has 6 unique playable characters, 28 Abilities, 4 Different Storylines, 4 Different Difficulty settings, 21 Little baddies, 8 Maverick Bosses, 4 Final Bosses, and 4 Story bosses, 13 Normal Stages, and 5 Bonus Stages all crammed into 4200k. So the sound/picture quality had to take a bump down to make it fit. That's also why it's not done in 32bit graphics/sound because of space restrictions.
- To prevent people on lower systems from cheesing through the game and getting credit since it runs slow as a snail, only WinXP, Win2000, and Mac9+ can get credit for beating the game. Others systems can play through the entire thing, it just won't give you the cheat codes for beating it. My apologies to all this affects, but it's in the name of fairness.

- Wade / MaelstormM



Rated 5 / 5 stars


The game play is a little messed up,but it's super Cool!

maelstormm responds:



Rated 3 / 5 stars

Not too bad. Fairly Avrage though.

As I said befor this is pretty avrage. It's not near the best but it's good enough to enter tain me. A wide selection of characters here, and Lots of fun. The story is filled with some nasty plot holes though and there are no real power ups laying arround. The monsters are dumb. But all in all not bad.

maelstormm responds:

Plotholes!? There are no plotholes in the story! Where are these plotholes?


Rated 3 / 5 stars

Could be better

That was fun and all, but why can you shoot up? god that was annoying? Is there some crazy secret that im missing as to how you are able to shoot upwards? Killing some of the enemys is extremely annoying and seems a act of luck instead of skill becasue of this.

maelstormm responds:

You can't shoot up because you can't shoot up. Play Megaman 1, Megaman 2, Megaman 3, Megaman 4, Megaman 5, Megaman 6, Megaman 7, Megaman 8, Megaman I, Megaman II, Megaman III, Megaman IV, Megaman V, Megaman X1, Megaman X2, Megaman X3, Megaman X4, Megaman X5, Megaman X6, Megaman Xtreme, Megaman Xtreme2, Megaman Zero, Megaman Zero 2, Megaman Power Fighters, and Megaman Power Fighters 2.

None of the games let you shoot up with you normal attacks. Since my game engine is based on their game engine, it wouldn't be appropriate to let them shoot up. Plus if you could shoot up, then I'd make the baddies compensate ^_^


Rated 3 / 5 stars

Gameplay was too fast and levels were badly made

You need to focus more on making the actual gameplay better and slowing things down...last time i checked mega man games were not on crack

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maelstormm responds:

*Pimp slaps Zion_Devil*
1) You didn't say why the levels were badly made.
2) Read Information Question 14B
3) You didn't say why the gameplay wasn't good.
4) Read Information Question 10B


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


i dont like it that much. but thats me. see ya

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maelstormm responds:

Need reasos por favor. Adios.