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Drinking with Starfleet

rated 3.82 / 5 stars
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Apr 1, 2004 | 11:40 PM EST

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Author Comments

Starfleet invites you to Ten Forward. Can you out-drink the Star Trek crew?



Rated 4 / 5 stars


Picard, Bev Crusher, O'Brien, Worf, and Wes Crusher are your opponents in this drinking game. All of them must be defeated or you lose in disgrace.

The game has two recovery items: the bread and the warp coolant. Despite the differences in the text, they both recover almost the same amount of drunkenness. The number one danger is that you will click "Drink" after your opponent is already defeated, inflicting unneeded intoxication upon yourself. It sometimes takes a second for your opponent to start spewing, so the best thing to do is start watching closely after several drinks. A good way to progress is to take on one strong and one weak drinker, use a recovery item, then take on two moderate drinkers, use the other recovery item, and finally take on the last drinker. (Picard and Worf are strong drinkers; Bev Crusher and O'Brien are moderate drinkers; Wes Crusher is the weak drinker.) Alternatively, you can take on one strong and one weak drinker, use an item, take on the other strong drinker, use another item, and take on the two moderate drinkers.

After the crew has been defeated, return to the menu for the victory screen.

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Rated 4 / 5 stars

I like it

Great job this game is fun keep it up!


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


it's okay


Rated 4 / 5 stars

So people do throw up in starfleet

Its a really funny game, with good music a great idea, bread and warp coolant...

My thought is, that something from 'Le Cheateau Picard' would have really been Picards choice...

But I'm unsure as to, if thats a movie reference or a tng thing..

fun flash though


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Recently replayed this one...

I remember it took me a couple tries to beat all 5 of 'em the first time around in April. One thing about this game: there's not an insane amount of replay value... even 3 months later. Oh well. #;-}>

Now, as to the game itself... firstly, I must commend you on the disgusting esophagus-ish puke meter. Hilarious. Is the dude holding the warp coolant and bread you in Starfleet garb? I thought there was some rule that only Riker was allowed to have a goatee! heh.

Speaking of Riker... where is he?! I mean... Picard being there is great... Worf can drink anyone under the table... O'Brien's not a major character, but he IS Irish, so okay...

But I think the main fault of this game is that 2 of the 5 slots are taken up by BOTH of the Crushers. Having Wesley there to beat up on would be okay, but then Bev's there, too. Having seen the Picard music video and now knowing you have a "soft" spot for her, perhaps that explains it... but I think her spot would be better taken by Riker or even someone like Tasha Yar. I bet she could drink up a storm. Or hell, even Data. Though I'm not sure what his drink of choice would be. But anywho...

A) Wesley. Romulan Ale is teh "weak" drink, I guess? Somewhat amusing to watch him go down after a mere 8 tiny-glassfuls. The way O'Brien's watching me over Wesley's shoulder is kinda creepy, BTW. Heh.

B) Worf manages to take 18 gulps of blood wine. Not too bad. There is a certain satisfaction in making the manly Klingon vomit all over himself to that horrible, horrible Stan Bush song. O_o

C) O'Brien and We Didn't Start the Fire, eh? He made it as far as Worf did with 18. Then again, it was back to Romulan Ale for him, the standard drink it seems. I dunno, but shouldn't he have some Irish Whiskey or something instead?

D) Beverly Crusher... and a THIRD round of Romulan Ales... bleh! My character is getting REALLY tired of this drink... but he buckles down and drinks along with Stayin' Alive a bit more. 12 glasses and she's down for the count. At least she can outdrink her son, eh?

E) PICARD. Awww yeah. Great music choice, too. Accompanyin' the hard earl grey. I'm not sure what was added to it to MAKE it hard, but if it can take down Jean-Luc after "only" (heh) 20 drinks... it must be damned hard cause he's the MAN.

In summary... the music was eh for Wes and Worf but somehow fitting and enjoyable for O'Brien, Bev, and Picard. Overall, a fun game that I didn't mind playing again after all these months... but I wish you'd make a sequel with rematches against Picard and Worf... and the addition of Data, Riker... and a 5th drinker. Geordi? Tasha? Someone else?

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