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May 30, 2000 | 12:13 AM EDT

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"Spanky the Homicidal Monkey" returns to Heaven!



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BOOOOOO U mutha fuckin grandmother fukin grandfather fukin fucker u go fuck a goat no or mabey u would prefer a demon!!! hmph shit fucker!!!!!!!!!!1


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youre as sick as jacko

you sick fuckin asshole i hope you get cast aside because whatever you are its not human and you will be slain demon


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very bad

You need serious help, but you know this or you wouldn't have written this SWF. We hear you. Someone will have the answer you are seeking.



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You are a racist.

first thing I am Not "Black".
You say Kill the niggas, god for the last time who cares about anyones "color"?. if you were "Black" how would you feel Peice of Sh!t

Get a life.


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*sigh* why do I waste my time...

I've seen the halloween and the first spanky movie, clearly this guy has issues. I'm an Atheist, myself, do you see me making shitty movies where monkeys fuck dead people? NO! I have no idea why some people like you expressing your necropheliac sodomy all the time, but whatever. This isn't funny, it's stupid. You try to force humor, but all you show is a cry for help.

Moving on, LEARN TO FUCKING DRAW!!! Shit, I know you use MS Paint, and if not your horribly abusing your software. Your animations suck, whats the FPS on this steaming pile of shit, 3? Do you even kow what I'm talkjg about? Get better software, then burn your computer. Hell, if you wanna have some fun I know a way to make a floppy disc start your computer alight. Whatever you do, stop making cartoons, get some therapy, don't bother with religion, you can stay the way you are, but get some help.

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