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The George Bush Show 5

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Comedy - Parody

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Mar 2, 2004 | 2:20 PM EST
  • Daily 2nd Place March 3, 2004
  • Weekly 2nd Place March 3, 2004

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Author Comments

The George Bush Show 5: Bush and the gang are back and are getting ready for the 2004 election year. (Original Airdate: February 2nd, 2004)

WARNING: If you’re a rabid Bush supporter, avoid watching this cartoon! You’ve been warned.

First off, I would like to thank Tom and the crew for putting this cartoon yet again on the front page. I appreciate your support!

Secondly, I would like to thank all the fans of the cartoon who have rated it highly and wrote extremely nice reviews. It looks like some of you guys are having a very spirited debate. I am happy to see this. This is exactly what needs to be happening. I wish everyone would stop thinking only about their parties and start thinking more about their country and fellow man. I believe Hinpiner expressed this idea best with his “Party of 1” review. George Bush is not freedom. George Bush is not Democracy. George Bush is not America. George Bush is only a man our country elected to work for us and be our President. His jobs include protecting us from harm, and protecting our constitution. He failed both of these in his first year. I was a Bush supporter in 2000 and voted for him. He let me down after passing the ill-conceived “Patriot Act”.

People like ShrikeArghast are the problem with our country today. Read his review and you will see a shining example of hypocrisy . He rails against me for talking bad about the current President, but in the same breath bashes the hell out of the previous President. He seems to think it is fine for him to have an opinion, but others cant, unless they are the same as his. You were warned not to watch the cartoon, but you chose so anyway. That’s your own fault, not mine. I have every right to make this cartoon and will continue no matter what you say.

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

terrist tree

Ahaha the "terrist" tree owns! You should make a spin off of him


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


It wasnt just Bushes idea to go to the mars. Clinton was the one that said we would go and allowed the funding to Mars. They've been talking about this mars thing since I think like 1998 or something. So this is nothing new...its just that they are now showing their progress and stuff a lot more now.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

awesome and a half

Now this is great for a number of reasons, I am a brit btw so if this offends ya then... well... what you gonna do?
The animation was smooth and fluent, realistic. Possibly the best "realism" I have ever seen on NG. Ace work. The sound was smooth and well recorded and the plots... they just crack me up! some bits are hylarious!
Awesome work!


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I've said it before, I'll say it again...

...You're terrible at satire. Satire has shreds of truth: your work has foundation of truth. True, you embellish a little bit, but your interp of Fox News, again, is hardly satire at all.

I was looking through the reviews and I came to docgalo's, where he said, "At least he's not a scandal ridden president like the Clintons... (notice the s at the end... because we all know that dog Hillary will be making her bid in 2008.)

That's an accurate quote, as long as you aren't talking about Bush. Funny, I seem to recall several scandals related to the Bush family:

1) The 2000 election, where hundreds of black voters in Florida were pulled over by police on election day and questioned for several hours, thereby missing their chance to vote. There were also dozens of reports of white mobs forcing voters - again, mostly blacks - into crowded buildings - thereby also disrupting activity within said buildings - and threatening physical violence against them if they went to vote. Let's also not forget the "hanging chad" ballots Florida utilized.

2) The administration's inability to act in a timely or efficient manner regarding the potential of 9/11, despite good intelligence reports that al-Qaeda was up to an operation and that several of its members had received flight training here in the United States. After 9/11, the administration passed an act - ironically called "Patriot Act" that enables any law-enforcement officer to take you from your home with no search warrant, take you to an undisclosed location without giving you any rights, deny you any phone calls to family, friends, or even lawyers, and hold you for any amount of time, so long as the officer decides that you could potentially be a terrorist or be helping one.

3) Bush's implemented tax cuts, including tax cuts on dividends, which return money predominantly to the wealthiest 5% of Americans. Let me tell you, I get dividend checks every month, and I have never cashed one of them because the checks are for less than ten cents usually. Do you know how much stock you'd have to have for a tax cut on dividends to affect you at all? Also, let's not forget Alan Greenspan's latest report that to keep Bush's tax cuts on a permanent basis, we would have to cut Social Security, leaving little for the Baby Boom generation when we retire.

4) George Bush's daughters got picked up by the police several times for underage consumption of alcohol, which, if you're an adult, is a criminal offense that can lead to some good punishment. This happened not once but several times.

5) Jeb Bush's sister was arrested in Florida for prescription fraud for painkillers, which is a felony offense that can lead to a rather lengthly prison sentence. His sister got treatment instead, which is ironic since the administration has pushed for harder sentencing - and no treatment - in the ongoing Drug War.

6) The falsified report that A. Iraq was getting refined weapons-grade uranium from Africa (they weren't), B. That Iraq had WMD's (they obviously did not, and they are not exactly easy to transport, not to mention the fact that Cheney helped Saddam obtain chemical weapons ten years prior, which he used against the Kurds), C. That our invasion of Iraq was a success (despite the fact that hundreds of Americans continue to die, the place is hardly stable economically or politically), not to mention D. The fact that troops were only supposed to serve "a month or two, tops". Some have served for six months or more, at this point. Rummy himself admitted he "misquoted" information regarding Iraq.

You're right, though. There's hardly a scandal to his name. Why, he's a pure-as-snow president.

Clearly you see I'm being sarcastic. I even missed some.

Anyway, great work on your political stuff, as always, Sam. You never fail to amaze me. George's voice could use a little tweaking, but other than that, I like your style, I like your animation, and I like the fact that you can still take a funny angle on a not-so-funny situation.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Nice job.

To comment on the previous post: Yeah lithops, we are all a bunch of capitalist dogs...


This was GREAT! The really sad thing is that all of this comedy isnt made up... Bush is actually doing stuff like this! "We have to cut down on illegal immigration, so... lets just make it legal, then there wont be any!"

Oh man... Lets all vote for John Kerry and get it over with... =)

Nice work.