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Apr 6, 2001 | 5:13 AM EDT

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This is a noir movie so don't wonder why it's in black and white. Credit goes to who made the preloader

Anyone who is interested the piano loop by Muse is from one of their songs called 'Sunburn'.

***Update*** It's been unbelievably 5 years since I submitted this and I never did get round to doing another animation. Thanks to anyone who still lurks about to find my work and taking the time to rate and review it (even if they are bad). As you can tell by the delay I don't really use flash anymore as I just lost interest as I got older. Peace to everyone and keep submitting noir stuff okay?



Rated 5 / 5 stars

Excellent piece of work

Wow, now i have seen worthless shit in my time here. And this Isnt resembling shit at all. I really thought it was very creative, different than the 3rd grade artists usually submitting here. The sound matched up..which most of them dont here...and i mean.. it really kicked ass in general. Keep up the good work man... Adios

thebluehippo responds:

another good review and my first ten review - wow, thanks, i'll be doing more soon, 'very creative' - thanks


Rated 5 / 5 stars


That was pretty good!!!

thebluehippo responds:

Since I written a reply to all my reviews I thought I might as well write a reply for this one, thanks for the nice comments


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Note to last reviewer.

The last reviewer believed this to be "worthless shit", "not entertaining", "a waste of time/spent no time."

I personally thought it had a good story, and it would be nice to see what happens next in the story.

So, now, to all reviewers:

PLEASE stop posting reviews where all you do is bash a perfectly good movie because you don't find it "though provoking" [sic], "funny", or "introspective".

Here's an idea, reviewers. Sit down, try to write something. Spend some time on it. You've done that right? Ok, now show me it so I can tell you it's "crap, worthless, and a piece of shit". No, I won't take the time to analyze the deep symbolism you may think it has. No, I also won't take any characterization into account. And no, I don't care if you spent hours working on it.

Read that over. And now, I'll quote Postumus_Varro and say, "Thats pretty idiotic logic." [sic]

I couldn't have said it better myself.

thebluehippo responds:

wow, a good review and it don't have a go at me, thanks, I'm glad someone appreciates it, thanks very much


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Funny peice of Flash

It's ok, actually, but it would be better if Jim can put some actual walking in. Other than that, I'd like to see his next movie.

thebluehippo responds:

I know you don't I?
Only you would find something I did funny huh?
And I can do walking .......... so there
blah blah blah, you've written quite a few reviews to say you just signed up today, I see your putting your time at college to good use
And don't mention my name in any more reviews you write .... bitch
Anyway you gave me a decent review so I guess I should be nice


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Good start

*My 5 points*
-I liked the "noir" style. You gave this movie a way simple plot, while being good tough. The beginning puts us in everyones life, waiting for a damn bus not coming, then saying fuck it I'll just walk...
-I didn't like the encounter, the way it happened. It's good, verry VERRY GOOD that you didn't made us see the guy swing in slow motion then hits the guy while laughin like a moron seeing the other guys face piss blood like after drinking 24 beers. We see way too crap like that and you didn't got swallowed by that directing style that almost every movie maker at NG fells in.
-I didn't got into the looping song though. As I said in earlier reviews, it's now possible to get sounds/songs from all possible kinds of media. So I'm sure you could've put a song that sounds the same, but wich isn't looping all the time. I mean, the song was a good choice, but It gets on my nerve because I get to know when it'll loop, it gets repetitive and boring. Don't take this point bad, just take it as a friendly advice.
-The preloader was a damn beauty. Even if it maybe missed a little color, oh yeah it's in black and white.........well maybe you could've insert some wicked shapes instead of the square, or give a noir style too. I believe the preloader looks too "80 compputers". Understand me good her: it's the best preloader i've seen yet for technicality, but boring for the eye.
-I wonder if I'm the only one, but I had to see your explanation to the review that guy got hit by the truck then our 'hero' took it back.... I think there's something missing to explain that. Also, you should continue this so we see what he does with the $$$$ and who it was meant to go to.
In my title I meant good start, as a good story beginning, not a good start at flash animation, cause I don't think it's your first one ever, seeing the good piece of art it is. Well if it's you first movie, GODDAMN! you got me jealous :)



thebluehippo responds:

thanks, this is my first flash animation that I have actually completed properly