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No Remorse

rated 4.04 / 5 stars
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Apr 1, 2001 | 4:32 PM EDT

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Author Comments

Ok im gonna re-edit the commentary for this cuz ive gotten lots of e-mail and i think its important to say.. first of all this movie is not out to brainwash anyone this was my own personal experience/frustrations in middle school and im just presenting it within the flash format..its normal for people to relate.. but it is extremely dangerous for people to think im trying to provide an answer to anything.. personally what stopped me from doing what i yearned to do during those years was the ending of this movie.. the fact that im gonna have a life sentence in jail to think about the people i put 7 ft under and in the process remain haunted by the people that i thought i got rid of.



Rated 5 / 5 stars

To kill or not to kill...

Well, I think you just represented a very important problem of our society...Why people have to be violent with the others? Why a great number of kids/boys/men have to tolerate the abuses made from stupid guys? There's no reason for it, but it's a real thing. Since I was a child I learned how to defend myself from those idiots, luckily I grew tall and strong but how many of you didn't? I have always dreamt of kill'em'all with my bare hands, but there's a thing I have understood: THEY ARE COWARDS. They can only come out in groups, better if some sort of weapons... I took many of them alone, oh how they cried...
Listen to me please, don't be violent, don't torture the weak, don't look for a riot, never. Otherwise you have to be preapared tu react, learn the self defense, learn to take control, look them in their eyes, try not to be scared, in the 50% of the situations they will go away. If they keep on, think to survive, bite to kill, run, hit the balls, scream, take everything you can as a weapon and fight for your life. It's so easy to die. If you fall on the ground you can break your head, a simple punch is able to kill you, what started as cruel joke (for them) could end with a real death (for you) Remember that if 1million of bullies dies, is better than if a single good guy does.
Peace and love

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Rated 5 / 5 stars


I fell what you mean about this video sometimes shit gets to much and that last part where the bully gets killed all i can say is whoes the bitch now never fuck with the outsiders


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When people lose everything and they have nothing left to lose, they lose it. I betcha the boy's family life was bad as well. If someone had stepped in to help this boy, like his parents or another student, this may never have happened in the first place.
Jesus Christ is the way! He helps me through life's troubles. It is my duty as a Christian to reach out to troubled people like him before it is too late.


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My thoughts

I live in a country were people arent allowed to keep weaponry at home to the same extent as in other countries, mostly america i think, although they are available through some instances. Now i give this a full score, because even though ive never encountered the gun thing, my school years have lead to a very twisted view of the world. If you ask me if killing is wrong i'd say yes, but in my mind i would be slowly murdering every single ****** that has made my life worse than it already is. It's better now, but many times, WAY to many times the thoughts come back, and sometimes feel like they're taking over. I've sought out professional help, and anyone who feels their rage taking over should. Nothing to be ashamed off! And if you for any reason cant get out of it or get help (i know this too well) all i can say is keep fighting. Dont let those ******* win!

This video stirred up alot of emotions. It's a true story, applicable to ANY type of bullying or mental/physical abuse! Great work!

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Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

hang in there

hey dawg, do sweat hb, but next time, go ahead and hit the asshole or hoe
thats the way we do it in my hood. :)