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No Remorse

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Apr 1, 2001 | 4:32 PM EDT

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Author Comments

Ok im gonna re-edit the commentary for this cuz ive gotten lots of e-mail and i think its important to say.. first of all this movie is not out to brainwash anyone this was my own personal experience/frustrations in middle school and im just presenting it within the flash format..its normal for people to relate.. but it is extremely dangerous for people to think im trying to provide an answer to anything.. personally what stopped me from doing what i yearned to do during those years was the ending of this movie.. the fact that im gonna have a life sentence in jail to think about the people i put 7 ft under and in the process remain haunted by the people that i thought i got rid of.



Rated 4 / 5 stars


I live an hour away from Columbine. I've seen the people it has hurt.

You don't need to show people this. This isn't acceptable, this is selfish. Do you really think any of those people you fantasized about killing have perfect lives? No. They have their own problems just like you. It isn't right for people to take out their frustrations on others, but it is far worse to retaliate in the way you fantasize.

I know why Eric Haris and Dylan Klebold did what they did. But it didn't fix their lives. It didn't show anyone a lesson. The media is still full of violence, schools are still full of bullies. They were just a flash in the pan.

Please don't show people this. The more one fantasizes, the closer one gets to doing this. You know its wrong... Take it down. Do it out of reverence for all the kids at Columbine. And if that makes you angry, then do it for all future Shooters everywhere.


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This is how I feel almost every day. Nice work! Although, I agree with what "Victor-Stelin" had to say. :)


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REPLY TO AUTHOR: juss saying i beleive its 6ft.under. but i totally agree with you.i understand your reasing for making the video and im behind you on thet. i also really enjoyed is another deep short people need to be exposed to. if only the kids who killed such as the students at columbine maybe it wouldnt have happened. i like your shorts in particular till death do us part. very deep message and portrayed through art.


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Hahahahahaha, funny...

Animation was well done, however I would like to point out that what the kid did was stupid. If you really want to kill someone, poison works alot better, especially in a school system. Funny thing about school, is that there are always a bunch of people who wish to kill others and have motives to do it to. So as long as no one sees you do it, there will be too many suspects. Not saying I would ever do it myself though, I would have simply beaten them to within an inch of their lives and leave them writhing in agony.


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Ha.. Damn.. That's all I have to say.