No Remorse

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Apr 1, 2001 | 4:32 PM EDT

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Ok im gonna re-edit the commentary for this cuz ive gotten lots of e-mail and i think its important to say.. first of all this movie is not out to brainwash anyone this was my own personal experience/frustrations in middle school and im just presenting it within the flash format..its normal for people to relate.. but it is extremely dangerous for people to think im trying to provide an answer to anything.. personally what stopped me from doing what i yearned to do during those years was the ending of this movie.. the fact that im gonna have a life sentence in jail to think about the people i put 7 ft under and in the process remain haunted by the people that i thought i got rid of.



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dats a cool flash n i understand wat its about np im sorry fur wat u had tu go throo if was wit u id kik all da bullys asses but anyway good flash keep it up


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I just finish watching 'Till death do us part' (Amazing by the way) and i only just stop crying and now im crying again. But anyway bravo, wait no brava!

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This is probably one of the more serious pieces of flash you've made, and I must say I like it. The grey graphics go well with the depressionistic theme, the motions are smooth, Korns music brings it regained heaviness and the concept is a good one as well. keep up the great work!



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Hold up.

Um, Nabil0192, did you happen to watch it through to the end? You know, where he's in front of a judge wearing a prison shirt? Did you happen to think that a lot of kids feel this way, including me when I was in school? Knowledge of the consequences and a lot of therapy kept me in check and I'm thankful for that even though I still have no desire to live. I'm afraid to talk to people because it might turn into school all over again. I think this video is a healthy dose of reality check.

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great story,indeed,but there was no dialog,it should be better