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Jan 9, 2004 | 7:38 PM EST

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UPDATED 8/9/2005 Sweet ! Two great news per one day ! Finally Tom Fulp added this Flash to Newgrounds Sonic collection. Thanks to all, who recommended ! And, YES, that's just AWESOME - this is my first flash to reach 50k ! I just love this blue diamond ;)
UPDATED 1/6/2005 OMG. 40k already ! Thanks. I'll update this flash and add EXTRAS as soon as I'll get 1$ in PayPal account - and I will also make a personal version of this flash to this person !!! You know, collectors edition for true Sonic fans !
UPDATED 12/26/2004 (Second day of Xmas)
Wow. I got 25k views without having any award or being on Front Page :) Thanks, guys !
Mission of this flash is to bring your memories back :) In this flash you will find screenshots and musics from Sonic, Sonic 2, Sonic 3 and Sonic & Knuckles and some extra stuff.
Please, leave a REVIEW.
I started to make it in winter holidays (and did 90 % of work), but didn’t finished it then. So I finished it today. Now I with Luis, Sarkazm and some other guys working on a big side-scroller game, but we had some pause in our work and I made this. It took much time to find or make all the screenshots, record all the music from levels and then edit it and put all this in flash. But I had a big pleasure then making it – so many good memories :P
Sorry for the big filesize, but I had compress 28,6 Mb (!!!) into 2.5 Mb.
Share in the reviews, what zones was your favorite, which zone music you like best etc.



Rated 5 / 5 stars

ace ace ace fucking ace

but when are you updating this i cant wait for the extras

RegisCartoons responds:

I'm not sure if it's worth to do this - It' just some hoaxes, Sonic cameos in other games etc.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


why didnt you have the entire special stage song from Sonic and Knuckles?!
Thats some of the best VG music ever!

RegisCartoons responds:

Yea, it's a good one !


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


it reminds me of when i used to play sonic like crazy I have alot of stories and i still play the first one alot

btw u should add sonic 3d for sega genisus on it

RegisCartoons responds:

Sonic 3D was made by another company and it didn't had that spirit.


Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Where's the Flash?

I can't believe that this is so praised but it's just screenshots and music.

The screenshots go by so fast and are rather small. Plus, some of the selections are the same screenshots. It's annoying. Couldn't you have at least made animated gifs of the levels, detailing how the levels played out like in the game? Screenshots do not cut it.

Sure, the music is good but I can listen to that anytime. I was expecting more of a tribute to the series than screenshots and music.

You'll probably dismiss me as not being a Sonic fan because I didn't see the point in this. Well, you would be wrong there. I am a Sonic fan. He was and still is one of my favorite title video game characters. To me, this movie just seems like an easy way to get a good high score by feeding off people's enjoyment of a game from when they were younger and making them reflect on something that is nostalgic. Well I'm not one of them. If I want to relive the Sonic days, I'll go play the games again.

I'm guessing your heart was in the right place but this just didn't have anything to it really. Also, as I can, many people thought this would be a game or a movie. I must admit the title is slightly misleading. Perhaps you should change the title to "Sonic Music Soundboard" instead.

I will give you credit for some nice menu designs. However, that's the only thing that I can pat you on the back for.

RegisCartoons responds:

You gave me 3 - that's not so nice. But you explained me, why you gaved me 3 - and from one point of view it was quite proper critic, but I still think that you was too cruel to me in this review.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Great music!

Here is some music suggestions, The other boss music for sonic 2 you know for the bosses on every level other than when eggmans in his battle suit and the sonic boss music erm.. well i think its different to the one you've got.
Thx for your time.

RegisCartoons responds:

Thanx, buddy