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Jan 7, 2004 | 1:15 PM EST

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People still seem to use this tutorial, better check out _ULTIMATE TUTORIAL 2_, it also covers this subject.

My second tutorial. It's how to make a simple game. It's only for beginners (but you already have to know a little bit about flash)
Please put it in the review if you found something in the tutorial thats not correct. And review if you have any tips for me. Note: The may be a few grammar/spelling foults in this tutorial, but thats because i'm not english. Hope you like my new tutorial!



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this sucks

my flash mx has no instance button either, and it is the right version!!!! ur tutorial is wrong!!!


It's a flash 5 tutorial....
Anyway, the instance in flash mx is in the properties toolbar.


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this tutorial is outdated i suggest to all beginners using flash to not use this tutorial, and the text in this tutorial is way too small to actually be read easily.


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This fucking thing pissed me off

I didnt get past step 3. Where the FUCK is INSTANCE!? Not in the right click menu, thats for GOD DAMN sure. Either a)update this crap or b) make a better damn tut.

On another note: You need to delete that fucking music. That shit drove me INSANE. It would be better silent. So i can conxentrate without what sounds like someone dropping cans on the floor ramming through my focus. It sounds like that shit was recorded with Sound Recorder32.

The graphics i wont complain about because it was a tut.

It was barely interactive, meaning basically no hands on other than the fact that you had to follo along in your lash player, which actually got pretty annoying.


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Now that better versions are out, MX is obsolete. This tut needs updated.


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I have flash 8. It's different from ur instructions so it didnt work. do you have anything that i could follow?????