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Dec 24, 2003 | 4:18 AM EST
  • Underdog of the Week December 31, 2003

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In about 8 hours time we should have uploaded our Viggo Mortensen is Great movie. Not sure if that'll be the name at the end but we've finished the thing and it will be up later. Pimping isn't easy, you know.
UPDATE: Underdog of the week? Oh crap, now this is the only thing people are going to associate us with. This was done in a day, I did the audio after I got home from work and then got stoned with friends and put pictures to it. Get Metal Gear 2 looks nicer, go see that instead.

Oh, and I DON'T LOVE X BOX! Or any other console. I own a PS2, a PC and a Gamecube, and I prefer getting drunk to all of them. So kiss my lilly white british arse.

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I hate Sonys hype and lies. This was inspired by their recent press release about the PS3.



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Brillent, I agree absolutely, Sony hype the shit out of stuff.
"emotion engine"?
"cell chip"

Anyone remember they faked a story about the ps2 being supercomputer, and wasnt allowed in certain countries? (because it could be used to lunch missles...which was dumb it commadore plus/4 can do that).

Bah, sony can go screw themselfs for all i care.
I got my trusty PC, and my underhyped-not-marketed-at-all Gamecube. Oh, and the non-cool version of the GBA.
Might get a Zodiac next year, thats about the only hardware i have seen recently that interests me.

The sound and comments brillent, the animation needs a lot of work, and the whole thing needs a preloader.

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cockjockey responds:

It was something we did on a whim really. It was done badly half so it would be authentic to what sony actually do, and half because we're lazy. If you want to get in touch you're welcome to a copy of the fla file if you'd like to improve it. You'd be fully accredited of course. That goes for anyone else who'd like to give it a go.