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Dec 16, 2003 | 1:04 AM EST
  • Daily Feature December 17, 2003

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  • Zelda
    Zelda Link and his misadventures have always made for some great spoofs and tributes.

Author Comments

big file uh? ive working hard so i hope u enjoy... u better! lol jk have fun!



Rated 5 / 5 stars

That was hilarious

Really funny story, nice animation, very very funny. It was just so hilarious, the donkey part, oh man I laughed my ass off. Nice job it was hilarious.


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Cute pardoy, but pretty stale

Zelda parodies are quite honestly ranked to be just about as funny or even more funny that any other video game in the world. The reason for Zelda's potential as a parody is because its popular, the characters can be used for humorous purposes, and just can be.

"The Real Legend" looked very promising in the beginning. I found that it was actually very well thought out. The loading time seemed tremendous, which got my hope up...but perhaps a little too high.

As I watched the flash animation, I was waiting for some humor to hit me like a ton of bricks. Any flash movie that can do that is cool in my book. It's no the profanity or violence that gets to me, but the right use of character voices and sometimes the obvious; finely mix them together and you got yourself a good flash movie.

I didn't really enjoy the voiceovers. One thing that did get to me was the fact that Zelda didnt speak at all. Even if he doesnt talk in the game, it's difficult to take that much abuse (let alone from Navi)for Link not to speak. Ganadorf's was actually the closest to funny as it seems.

As far as humor goes, the jokes were in plain sight but I think its because of the lack of voice interactivity with Link that didnt make me laugh. Sure its funny, but not "LMAO" funny (for people who use shorthanded AOL terms.)

Graphics were a bit sloppy, including Shiek's (spelling?) outfit and eye coloration. The sound effects were nicely done and on key. Speech/mouth fluxuation was a total bummer. Reminded me of a dubbed Kung-Fu film doen underground. There needs to be more timing-fixture done.

About half-way through I turned off the flash movie (and this is being honest.) How can I make a valid conclusion from only watching half of it? Simple...because if the beginning doesnt enthrall a person, why would you sit through the rest? That's about as equivalent as Jurassic Park III claiming your soul for $10 and asking for an encore.

Sure. Maybe the ending would have had a huge bang. Perhaps I missed out on a great Ganandorf vs. Link fight. I've played the games and paid my dues, but I wasn't about to sit through the same slackjawed comedy sketch for another 15 minutes just because you were building up to the end.

The humor in your parody relied on Link's stupidity and naiveness, which can only be funny to a certain extent. This seemed a lot like a solo of Larry/Curly from The Three Stooges minus the bald gene heredity and sensation of wanting to laugh. If you are going to have a parody, dont just stick to a linear archetype and have Link mess up every 10 seconds. It's not gold, its crap.

I'm not bashing your entire movie, but the fact that people would call this hillarious is, in my opinion, ridiculous. Maybe profanity and old-school Warner Bros. is the in thing for kids these days, but I just could not bring myself to laugh.

You tried and it was average.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Great Zelda Parody

This has got to be the best zelda parody ever. Most people make a sprite flash but you took one of the best zelda games and made it into a hand drawn masterpiece. Jokes in every corner. I liked how Link never spoke and that Navi had a body. Even though I am waiting for Alien Report IV form you, I am truly hoping for a sequel of The Real Legend where Link fights Gananodorf and may even lead up to Majora's mask. Keep up the great work.


Rated 5 / 5 stars


really great graphics and animation. when i first saw the beginning i thought it was gonna be a funny parody but it just didnt get me laughing. good job though.


Rated 5 / 5 stars


GREAT STUFF!!! That was one of the funniest things I have lately seen on NG, GREAT JOB!!!