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Nov 21, 2003 | 11:05 PM EST

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I have removed all other versions
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comments for Criminality

*If all is correct the eviludy bug is fixed*

This is EviLudy,

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Criminality Version 5 store:
Like this game? Want to make it yourself? Buy the FLA file at http://www.eviludy.100me

Yo this is a quickie version of Criminality! It is made with some grapfic updates, a new location to go, and three more secret items.

There are new projects I'm gonna make, please go to myh site and vote at the poll wich one to make first!

this is the second game I ever made, and it's inspired by two othergames:
The Idea: - Grand theft Auto
The Engine: - Stick RPG

Plz dont be harsh im only 13

It's probably the final and last version of Criminality...

-Sorry about the size of it
-Everything is explained in the game
-Please report bugs

Newgrounds music files:
1535, 1957, 2605, 1863, 1865, 1747, 2045, 2517, 1958

Please vote fairly. I am not saying stuff like plz don't blam but be sure to vote fair.

My last word for theis project:



Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

full where??

so.... this is the fantastic full game with grate futures that dont work??? are you jockeing?????
to sum up: lots of bugs...
im not trying to be abusibe.... its just the truth

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Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


if this is the final version(which it is) ATLEAST MAKE ANOTHER WITH OUT BUTTONS THAT DONT WORK (i had enough to buy the car)


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

good job

good job.but i i can't rob and or steal things.


Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

I hope that is a joke.

I hope that is a joke. Men no womans. You only can klick there, and there. no fun!!! Ive played the game 2 hours, to see garnet naked and what is? I see 2 shadows f..... wich look like dolls, thats very poor. The only good think is the music, from the end battle of ff8 right?

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EviLudy responds:

You need a Fucking Glasses. Go and make flash your self, moron.

~Yoow to the Flow


Rated 5 / 5 stars

buggy but good

Okay, I was all hyped for this game after reading through your awesome AS thread, so I had extremely high hopes... The first thing I noticed when I started the game was the poor grammar and spelling. Now, I can forgive that since English isn't your first language (your English is a lot better than my Dutch), but I'm sure you must know someone who could fix it up to look like a native speaker wrote it. If nothing else, it'd make the game seem more polished. So after reading the instructions, I clicked on the button to go back to the main menu. I noticed that the music from the Instructions menu was still playing, meaning the instructions music and the main menu music were playing at the same time. I figured "Okay, so there's one little bug. That's fine." and clicked on the Play button. I was quickly rushed through what I assume were the opening instructions, but was unable to read them because they were up for maybe a 5th of a second. At this point, I'm starting to get worried. I didn't encounter any more problems until I tried working at the "Buisness". I was a bit annoyed because there was no transition screen after I clicked the work button, but what really annoyed me was the lack of any message at all when I clicked the "Try for a promotion" button. Then at the bar fight, the guy wasnt fighting back. At this point, I stopped playing.
Anyway, I'm not trying to be mean, I just want to point out a few of the errors so that you can fix them. I generally enjoy this style of game, so I hope that you can do better. ^_^

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EviLudy responds:

Ya I know.
I kind of dislike this game myself HAHA.
My next one will be multiplayer online tough and it will have GOOD beta tsters.

Stay tuned.