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Windows 2005 E-Card!

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Oct 30, 2003 | 9:53 PM EST

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This is going to end up being an interactive movie-windows thing, but this part cracked me up so i just had to send it in as an E-Card!

NOTE: i'm not against microsoft or anything, i just think this is funny. Microsoft aren't "that" bad... ;)



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


that whas funny! good job!



Rated 0 / 5 stars

Microsoft rocks BIZACH!!!!!

There is never any error reports like that and bill gates is rich because he got 2 really smart guys to publish and make the internet and Ganster Mouse says "Fuck off mothafucka I use windows!"

billybob53 responds:

Bill gates didn't make the internet.


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It's not Microsofts fault

I happen to use windows and i thnk it's FINE. All these errors never happen on my computer. It's not windows' fault, you just don't know how to use a computer the right way. It's your own fault it doesnt work right, not Microsoft's. Stop blamming Windows please, it really annoys me. BTW, why would the computer even start up with no motherboard? The thing wouldn't even turn on! This flash didnt make sense. Why does evryone blame windows? Linux sucks ass. I've used it, and couldnt even get sound and it took long ass hell to set it up! Do you know why more software is made for Windows? That's because it is more stable. The only reason Windows would crash would be a virus or spyware.
This is just another cheap shot at Windows....


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how can their be no phone line and the phone was ringing and then someone answered. can't be quite right.

billybob53 responds:

Microsoft is full of innovations.


Rated 1 / 5 stars

Wow, somebody has sand in their privates...

Now, I'm not the foremost lover of huge megacorporations but I do have a problem with this movie...

If you're too stupid to able to use windows then don't blame windows, blame your parents. They should never have smoked so much crack back in the 80s. It may be glitchy from time to time (read: a handful of times per year) it's still better than trying to get a Mac to listen to you. Macs try to do everything for you and lay everything out in point-and-click style because they were designed for young children, the elderly and graphic design firms dealing in 2-dimensional computer art. For these purposes they are very nice machines but if you're willing to put some dough into a custom-build PC (not Dell or Gateway or anything off the shelf of Circut City!) then you can have a computer that can easily take any Mac to it's knees.

More games, all the same programs that Mac has and more, plus they're UPGRADEABLE. That's why PCs rule.

And in case a Lynix user made this... the above was not directed towards you. I respect people who choose Lynix but I'm not fickle enough to switch to an inferior operating system just to spite a multi-trillionaire.

-Love 1iv3

billybob53 responds:


macs are good but i like windows best. It's just a flash movie don't take it personally. If i made a movie about bein a paedophile doesnt mean i am one.