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Megaman Next 2 - Intro LV

rated 3.59 / 5 stars
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Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun

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Aug 25, 2003 | 8:05 AM EDT
  • Daily 4th Place August 26, 2003

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Author Comments

Updated 8/27 3:00am - Aside from the previous update, I tightened the controls a hair more, showed an enemy counter for the bosses, and put a 'sort of' ending to it.

Full Instructions on steering Mega

Lots of Information about the Game and Me. Also if you have a problem with the game (missing soundeffects, style, etc.) please read the Q & A here to see if there was a reason for it.

Megaman Next - Intro

Megaman Next - The Game

Megaman Next 2- Prologue Story

Well here's the actual game the story I uploaded refered to. It's still probably a little rough in certain areas like the Intro to the original was, but it's definitely a work of art to see Flash accomplish this little bit. However, please keep in mind I didn't want it to be similar to past Megaman games and it follows the plot that my comic takes. So please don't compare it to other Megaman games because it's not trying to be like one (It's like comparing apples to oranges). This stage is also to get feedback so I know what needs tweaking as I move onto Level 1 of it. If it seems to run to slow for everyone I can still raise the FPS and/or reduce the resolution to help.
As always if you enjoy it, let me know via email/review/ or $$$ (Money talks just as well as words :D ). If you don't enjoy this then let me know why as best you can. Just saying something like "It sucks" is a waste of NG space and my time. And worse yet is if you contradict anything I've said in the comments here, instructions, or information sections... I will not be happy having to re-explain myself and show you the errors of your ways >:|

If you don't feel like reading the instructions then here's the real quick summary of them.
A, S, D = action buttons.
Arrow keys move. Double tap Left and/or Right to Run
Up Jumps, hold it down to go higher.
Space = Fires Megabuster When you have 30+ charge accumulated.

I'd love to have as much feedback as possible, but please leave legit reviews. If you have technical problems (aside from Hardware limitations) with playing, send me an EMAIL before voting or reviewing. I hope this lives up to the quota like the first one in it's own unique way.

Thanks again, and yet another happy 15th to Capcom's Smurf.
Wade / Maelstormm (



Rated 5 / 5 stars


This is a very good Megaman game... I mean, this sprite... calling this a sprite because it's transparent and it's 2D (no specific bittage, I suppose)... is great.

maelstormm responds:

Thank ya, thank ya very much ^_^


Rated 5 / 5 stars


just kidding.
another great game, it seems it's gonna live up to the first.

What's good about this game:
-finally someone with imagination tried to make a MM game: YOUR megaman looks great! much better than those lame-ass sprites, and you actually changed his looks.
-new battle system: again a sign of originality
-this story, seems like it will greatly surpass capcom's creativity, just like in the 1st one .
-level design and overall animation and graphics are great

Bad about this game:
-choice of music was not bad, but not fitting for a megaman game either.

I look forward to the full version

maelstormm responds:

Thanks. There's not going to be a full version though. Each section will have to be released on their own due to filesize restrictions & performance.
In case you don't notice the reply on MMN, go check out Megaman X Next. It outshines this one and the original in gameplay.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

This game is Raw!

Dude, another game made to perfection, but with no game sprites, but still it's cool. The only bad thing is that i have a modem and the game is a slow.


maelstormm responds:

Once MMXN & BB1-3 is done, I'll be trying to rework this one better.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

great job with the new look

and i think that instead of having to just throw and kick your enemies you should be able to use martial arts combos or stuff you see in Mortal Kombat but other than that good job. I'm looking forward to it.

Besides, Zerodius is being inconsiderate with an overall of 6 (looking forward to the full version)

maelstormm responds:

Combos are to much for flash with the game engine I have at the moment :( It'll continue to evolve so at some point it may have them. The next is about 60% made, but who knows when that last 40% will happen.
Thanks :)


Rated 3 / 5 stars

Pale in comparison with #1

I know you have put a lot of efforts in Megaman Next 2... but unfortunately, this game is a shame to the Megaman Next serie.


Megaman's new look is truly beautiful. The graphics are also quite good in general. The new moves are fun to watch at first...


Where to begin? OK, first, the music is BAD! Gone are Megaman Next's brillant tunes. While it's only the intro stage, I could say that the music is quite bad and doesn't take long to loop. But the worst about the music is the boss theme. Megaman Next's boss theme was one of the best boss themes ever to be heard in any video game. Megaman Next 2's boss theme is complete rubbish. Bring back the old boss theme! While the new graphics are quite good... they cause a new problem: lag... MAJOR lag! You know... not everybody got a super computer! Fix that! Especially frustrating is the "boss". Megaman Next's bosses were rivalising even Capcom's! Megaman Next 2's intro boss pale in comparison. It's just 20 normal enemies. C'mon! You can do better! But... the worst about the game is surely the controls. Not only do the new layout is far from being intuitive and can't be customised, but Megaman's movements became next-to-impossible to control. The controls for his running jump are especially bad. He also seems to become paralysed for a few seconds after each jump.

All in all:

Bring back the old control layout and make the graphics less beautiful, but smoother. Also, next time, make a REAL boss, not just a serie of useless "bosses".

maelstormm responds:

Sorry if this one's a chunk different than expected but this is how it's going to run (aside from tweaks in controls). The fight at the end of this isn't actualy a boss so to say. The next game will have the intro stage boss in it. Once Megaman X Next is done (which you should check out if you prefer the originals style more) then I'll be able to add more features to this one. I don't think there's a way around the speed part though :(