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Sonic the Pervert

rated 3.22 / 5 stars
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Jun 1, 2003 | 2:35 PM EDT

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Author Comments

DISCLAIMER: This is a fan-made game. It in no way reflects the wishes of Sega. It has had no part in making nor knowledge that it exists(i think). All of their Sonic games(as far as I know) are E-rated and are very likely to stay that way. Sega does not take responsiblity for this game (unless it wants to).

-I don't know how to speak like a lawyer, but I'm basically protecting Sega from anything having to do with this game that anybody would consider BAD. (Plus I don't feel like getting sued!)
Also the bulk of their fans are 18+ already, so it may create
interest in an unexplored market.



Rated 5 / 5 stars


I've been waiting for a game like this to come out on flash for a long time (and I mean the game engine itself, not the hentai content)

And the story was really funny, although that pac-man thing was way too fast.

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Yeowi responds:

Whether or not you like the hentai part thanks for the comments and good review.

In past reviews i mentioned the possibilty of adding a hentai on off button. I'll add one when the nudity gets er... grosser. ;p

By the ways try the can't lose mode(in the options section) if the difficulty is too much.


Rated 5 / 5 stars


That was actually very nice! Your concept was very clever and your drawings were great! You're almost as good as i am!

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Yeowi responds:

Thanks for the compliment!

By the ways, if you liked this game alot why not try drawing a "victim" character for it? Don't feel you have to do it to prove how good you are. I believe you. :)

In the second version i may have more sonic characters. So bunnie Rabbot, Cream, knuckles, and any other character could be a good idea. Tell me what you think and what character you feel like drawing(if you do).

Original backgrounds(not sprites from the game)may be nice as well.

e-mail me if you are interested.

thanks again for the compliment.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Pretty cool shit you've made

Ok... for all of you that are bitching about "this game is too hard, fuck you for making it R-rated, blah blah archie sucks, whine" shut the hell up for once. I would just love to see any of you make anything resembling this.

I don't do flash, but I know this had to be a PAIN IN THE ASS. Also, I'm impressed that the author didn't just cash off of sonic and throw together some characters, he actually remembered stuff such as that amy wears a ring on her wrist(s?), the archie transformation, exact wardrobe, ect. misc. info.

Also, YES the game IS hard, however I have beaten it WITHOUT cheating and WITHOUT the new mode. Personally, what I think you should do (talking to the author) is KEEP censor man in there, but instead of making him follow you, how about make him stationary (doesn't contact with your hand) and he just shoots things at you? And probably make the time limit an extra 20-30 seconds on all the levels... that would be the perfect difficulty.

Also, if you ARE going the Archie route, you should at least add in Bunnie, and while Tails was a cool joke, you should make this a literal game, and maybe replace Tails with Cream the rabbit..?? Make something like Rouge a secret character, i dunno... it's all up to you man, but still you made a great and unique game. Props to ya.

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Yeowi responds:

Your review just made me so happy.

First of all thanks for recognizing all the effort i put into this. It has taken me two weeks to make this, working almost nonstop. YES, it made me so angry sometimes when i created code that i believed was perfect, but in fact wrong.

Some peope give bad votes for the wrong reasons. The vote must be on the quality of the work, and the review on the fun-ness of it.

I actually added onto the wardrobe that the characters normally wear... since they wear almost nothing. Exact exact wardrobes would have made the game too easy.

Literal game = good

Their(archie) story line is great and i think what would make it better is adding on the little jokes. Ultimately I should give the players more choices. For example: At the end of a level you get to choose whether you screw the character or not. That way if Tails turns you off, you won't be obligated to touch him.

Secret characters = better

I think they could really extend the replay value of the game.

"purchasable" extras = just as good

Probably extra characters could be made available with the points earned in the game.(which i had not implemented yet.)

list o things to do:
1.more hitpoints
2.fight censorMan
3.add more time (20-30 seconds)
4.make clothes pieces bigger
5.Perhaps add women running around
6.Fix frozen censorMan error on low quality
7.Possible error on tails clothes. May be impossible to win
8.Nudity on/off button for bigger audience.
9.High or low choice in curves and lines for fast and slow computers.
10.More "Literal" storyline to make the game more like an rpg.
11.More unique storyline for laughs.
12."Purchasable" and secret choices.
13.Possible sex mini-games. (Only if massive amounts of newgrounds people tell me they want it. via review or e-mail) ;)

Thanks again, you made my day.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

too hard!! i got stuck on amy's head band!

and when not that, her sock.
and when not that, her glove.
personally, i like hentai. but i don't like having to work for it.
i was just thinking "how "cum" no one ever posts new and excitingly erotic sonic hentai? you won't believe how old rouge's tits get, when there's nothing but those perfectly formed bat-titties.
i never really liked sally the squirrel (and i might be dissing "USSM sonic fans) i also hate bunnie and antoine. but hey, who DOES like those ghetto critters?
and, i only read a few "archie" sonic comics in the store, but i'm pretty sure amy's boobs were a "segasonic" (jap) creation. i mean, i can visualize it; sonic and co. get the chaos emeralds and amy yells out that she wishes to be older to be with sonic, (which would also explain her constant attempts to marry him) but according to some crazy bitch who writes comics (either scorch, ame, dragon goddess (aka boobie goddess) or jen) it was just too kinky to have a 7 year old chasing, and keeping up with a 16 year old, but unfortunatly, this was after sonic CD when they had this revelation. which is a lot less cool. i don't like censored man, or the time limit. the art is very good, but the way the clothes come off is more like "sonic teh rapist". my brother thought you were trying to be psyguy, everyone's favorite sprite...guy. which is like saying mightydein is everybody's favorite internet superhero, which is just, but untrue, because a lot of people still prefer freakazoid. i prefer mightydein. he's nuts. and fun. i don't get why we have to have a favorite everything. i don't need a favorite bisexual gecko, nor do want one.

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Yeowi responds:

...Wow. You really put effort into this review. As a reward I made a can't lose option in the game. Go to options and click can't lose. All my viewers earned it. :)

I don't want Sonic to come off as a mean guy. In this story line he wants sex, but he doesn't intend to rape anyone. It's more like the "victims" are playing hard to get.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Pretty good...

not bad, after a while you really start to get the hang of it. but not to say it's not tough- its tough as hell. what you need is hp for the hand, because this one-touch-and-you-start-over thing is rreeeeaaallly frustrating. other than that its a nice waste of time.

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