Sonic the Pervert

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Jun 1, 2003 | 2:35 PM EDT

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Author Comments

DISCLAIMER: This is a fan-made game. It in no way reflects the wishes of Sega. It has had no part in making nor knowledge that it exists(i think). All of their Sonic games(as far as I know) are E-rated and are very likely to stay that way. Sega does not take responsiblity for this game (unless it wants to).

-I don't know how to speak like a lawyer, but I'm basically protecting Sega from anything having to do with this game that anybody would consider BAD. (Plus I don't feel like getting sued!)
Also the bulk of their fans are 18+ already, so it may create
interest in an unexplored market.



Rated 5 / 5 stars

Very nice

Awesome artwork, very nice game. I gave you a 5. Hope to see more of these in the future :) maybe different poses too?

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Yeowi responds:

more artwork sounds good alright!

Thanks for your vote. Thanks again for voting 5.


Rated 5 / 5 stars


wow, this is very similar to a game i am working on. Was this inspidred by Sentimental Shooter by any chance?

Yeowi responds:

uh, you are making a similiar game? That sounds pretty cool. Always try go further, out-do me if you can. I'd be glad to try it out.

Yes it was inspired by Sentimental shooting, BUT i did what i could to make the game controls and feeling much different.

For example:
1. You can scroll anywhere you please during the timelimit. Nobodies forcing you to go anywhere.
2. Mini conversation with the "victim"
3. Much more storyline
4. None of that blocky censor stuff.
5. Monster that chases you rather than just shoots randomly.

With so many differences it should be barely recognizable as a sentimental shooting inspired, so i didn't mention it, or it would confuse people.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


i hate you for making a game so simple to understand, so difficult to master, and so addictive that you play it for an hour just to review it! excellent, top-knotch game!

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Yeowi responds:

You gave me such a great review, but strangely enough you gave me a 9 and not a ten. Please tell me how I can improve this game more, e-mail is a good way to do it.

Thanks alot for your pleasent review.


Rated 5 / 5 stars


at last someone has graced us with a archie sonic the hedgehog flash.Not only has he done this but it was spectacular and you got to see their parts.I truly enjoyed this bevause I'm a hardcore archie sonic fan.I truly liked how you put this together and for your next flash movie you should make a hentai flash of sonic and of all the female cast in it.You should also include Bunnie Rabbot because she may not be a very important character but she sure has large knockers and a fine body!
Oh and you made the common mistake of drawing sonics arms blue there.Please make more sonic stuff and please please please make it hentai!
Since sonic hentai is so rare and uncommon you should break that ground!
what do you say? ;)

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Yeowi responds:

I'm drooling already. Anyways your right sonic hentai is the rarest I know of from a great series.

bunnie sounds good. I wonder if i should have her metal legs shot at to reveal organic ones in the game...

Oh thanks for telling me about the sonic arm error. I'll make them normal color soon.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

A Most Excellent Game!

Well, this is certainly a nice title to play! I like the options you've included with the game - allows it to be catered to both serious gamers and casual observers! The gameplay is very unique - I've never seen a Flash game like this! I would suggest making an enhanced version of this (with some voiced cinematics - before and after phases, you might say - to reward the player more), but your other game projects may get in the way. Keep up the good work - the artwork is some of the best I've seen, and the gameplay alone really shows the potential of Flash animation for gaming. If you were to make a commercial erotic game like this, you'd probably make a fortune!

On the downside, I have to say the nudity IS a little disappointing, but that's okay - not everyone really wants to see Amy's nipples or see Tails with boobs. *snicker* I think the only real downside is the music - the Sonic theme gets a little repetitive. Live remixes of Sonic game music might work, but I know that can be pretty chancy - and MIDI music wouldn't do justice to this! (Being a MIDI composer myself - albeit somewhat amateur - I can testify.)

But on the whole, a great job Steve! Now go out and make us proud!

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Yeowi responds:

It's the people like you that make it worthwhile.

voiced cinematics-good
I think i do a decent job voicing male characters, but the only females i ever sound like are very old or manly. lolololol.
commercial erotic game- I don't know
I really like it but, when I take one look at the quality of other peoples porn, I feel that I'm not skilled enough in that deparment. Though I think i will be in time.
real time remixing - hot damn! a Wonderful idea!

creating code for that could be a nightmare though. I'll try it if i find the time.

1.more hitpoints
2.fight censorMan
3.add more time (20-30 seconds)
4.make clothes pieces bigger
5.Perhaps add women running around
6.Fix frozen censorMan error on low quality
7.Possible error on tails clothes. May be impossible to win
8.Nudity on/off button for bigger audience.
9.High or low choice in curves and lines for fast and slow computers.
10.More "Literal" storyline to make the game more like an rpg.
11.More unique storyline for laughs.
12."Purchasable" and secret choices.
13.Possible sex mini-games. (Only if massive amounts of newgrounds people tell me they want it. via review or e-mail) ;)
14.between level voiced storylines.
15.LIVE music remixing.(this will be a nightmare to code alright)

The next game or update may take 2 weeks to make. If I continue on this engine it might be twice as good.

How good are you at midi music? Can you e-mail me a few examples or links to them? That may be useful.

Thanks again for all your enthusiatic comments.