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Jun 1, 2003 | 2:35 PM EDT

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Author Comments

DISCLAIMER: This is a fan-made game. It in no way reflects the wishes of Sega. It has had no part in making nor knowledge that it exists(i think). All of their Sonic games(as far as I know) are E-rated and are very likely to stay that way. Sega does not take responsiblity for this game (unless it wants to).

-I don't know how to speak like a lawyer, but I'm basically protecting Sega from anything having to do with this game that anybody would consider BAD. (Plus I don't feel like getting sued!)
Also the bulk of their fans are 18+ already, so it may create
interest in an unexplored market.



Rated 5 / 5 stars June 4, 2003

You're the man Farfan!

Great stuff! I like this game ... in fact, i like it alot. Steve, you mentioned you'd be creating another one with more characters and such ... heres some suggestions: Perhaps the game should actually be two games, you could choose to undress either girls or guys. And perhaps the player character should be a generic character of some sort, or maybe one of those avatars of yours, so that Sonic could be one of the characters you could undress (just please dont make him so muscular if you do). And add some genitalia! Keep up the good work Steve.

Yeowi responds:

Thanks alot for your ideas!

The undressing of girls or guys by option sounds like a good idea! Earlier I thought about asking the users some questions in the game. Like, are you a man or woman? Then, are you straight or gay?

A straight out choice between girls or guys could keep players feeling safe.

Generic Character, that sounds nice. I might add that. Though Sonic is a must stay.

Yeah some people tell me:
Ultra strength = hurts style.

I'll make him a little weaker looking.

Genitals will be in the next game anyway.

I thought about adding avatars, though I may be overworking myself if i did that for the very next game.

Thanks alot for your ideas!

-Steve Farfan


Rated 5 / 5 stars June 4, 2003

Awsome game, Wonderfull Art

Awsome art, Good Game, I really enjoyed it. One request :) Bunnie ^_^

Yeowi responds:

Thanks Krysfoxx!

Bunnie should be in next game alright.

look forward to it in almost two weeks


Rated 5 / 5 stars June 4, 2003

Greatest fan-game EVER!

The art is amazing, the plot it original and humorous, and the gameplay is unique.

It's worth 10 points, and I'm passing it around to people now. :D

BTW, why don't you get an angelfire account? Or maybe we could help find somebody to host for you.

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Yeowi responds:

Thanks, thanks, and thanks again.

first for the review.
Second for telling your friends
third for offering a way for my site to go back up.

could you e-mail me an answer to this question though?

Am I allowed to have a hentai game up their by any chance? Also how much space do they normally give? And lastly, is it free?

If you ever think up of good ideas, send them to me. The fans always think up of the widest variety of stuff.

Thanks again,
-Steve Farfan


Rated 5 / 5 stars June 3, 2003


one of the best ng games yet, and i was wondering since the link to your site on your profile thingie didnt work do you have a link to put here?
and im waiting on the next one!

Yeowi responds:

Thanks alot for your tens in all valid places. (Yeah, no violence in this game alright)

I'm glad you are already waiting for the next one. If you get any ideas for it please tell me.

My site is down today, and unfortunately i don't know when it'll go back up. :(

Tell all your clock friends about my game plz.

Thanks Again
-Steve Farfan


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars June 3, 2003

Awesome... Simply Awesome

Awesome game, though I did have a problem with Tails toward the end *only one piece was need to be removed, but there was nothing left.* Weird, but still enjoyable. I can't wait to play the rest... hopefully either Rouge or Cream will be in the next one. ^=^

People find this review helpful!
Yeowi responds:

I got this complaint earlier:
I tested tails clothing, you should be able to beat it. Over his left shoulder there is a clothing piece that most people may not notice.
As for Rouge and Cream:
I already drew em both, however they are for the next game in almost two weeks. Tails is the last level in the game you have played.

If you have any new ideas for the next game please e-mail me.

And if you like the game, whenever you visit, always vote 5.

Thanks alot for your review!

-Steve Farfan