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Erstellt by Tom Fulp
Deutsche ‹bersetzung von Eckieck

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I made animated gifs of some of the characters!

MINI FAQ (cause there may be some questions):

Q: This music kicks ass. Who is it?
A: Hive, and it does kick ass. You can buy it online!

Q: I enter a room and the screen is white.
A: The file is 365K, but I stream it so that you don't realize it is downloading while you are playing. The only problem with this is, if your connection is slow you might "outrun" the download and make it to a spot that hasn't loaded yet. If this happens, let the file finish downloading, then refresh the page. Hopefully this won't happen.

Q: The game runs slow at parts.
A: Some parts of the game are graphically intense. Flash uses vector graphics, so it takes a lot of computer power to push everything around. If the game is moving slow, shrink your window size. The screen will auto-adjust to fit your window, and will run faster at smaller sizes. It is also more challenging and more fun at a faster rate.

Q: I can't find the last key. It should be here!
A: If the room is dark... Come on! Is it really that hard? Please don't email me about this one until you've given it some thought, and been to the girls bathroom.

Q: I'm a dumbass! Has anyone made a step-by-step guide to Pico?
A: YES! A fan actually made an on-line guide! Check it out: Pico For Dumbasses. There is also another Pico site, also with a walk-through. Two sites! Can anyone make a third?

Q: How the hell did you do this with Flash 3?!
A: Pretty impressive, isn't it?

Q: Will there be a sequel?
A: You bet! And it rocks so far! You walk around using the keyboard, and aim with the mouse. You can run across the screen and shoot at stuff in any direction while you are running. How sweet is that?

I am aware that there are some rough edges in this game. I will try to tidy up a bit in the future, but I've put in a lot of hours so I figured I would give something to the public and get on with my life. Please report any bugs to tfulp@fast.net. Let me know if there is something majorly screwy.

Looking for more? Read this letter from a fan who was expelled from his school for looking "too threatening."

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