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Link's Mega Adventure(R) Link's Mega Adventure(R) Rated Stars Link's adventure escalates to exponential heights. Comedy - Parody Link's Mega Adventure Link's Mega Adventure Rated Stars Link goes on an adventure of a lifetime. Comedy - Parody Super Series: Episode 1 Super Series: Episode 1 Rated Stars Link and Pikachu adventure for the new gaming console! Comedy - Parody Animation Demo (zelda) Animation Demo (zelda) Rated Stars Lookin for a Writer heres how I animate! Experimental Annoying Navi Annoying Navi Rated Stars Link is on his adventure when Navi decides to be a bitch. (the average woman) Comedy - Original The Legend of Minecraft The Legend of Minecraft Rated Stars A parody of The Legend of Zelda Comedy - Parody The Beginning Fight Link The Beginning Fight Link Rated Stars Link vs Dark Link, The Beginning. Action Zelda Chicken March Zelda Chicken March Rated Stars Why do you think KFC always has so much chicken? Music Video Gerudodite Gerudodite Rated Stars Aveil explains the Gerudo way of reproduction Comedy - Parody Zelda - You found the... Zelda - You found the... Rated Stars Zelda Parody Comedy - Parody Zelda Uncut: Seven Years Zelda Uncut: Seven Years Rated Stars So what exactly happened to Link during those seven years he was sealed away? Comedy - Parody Link Finds Fairies Link Finds Fairies Rated Stars Link finds fairies for the first time. Comedy - Original Meet The Great Deku Tree Meet The Great Deku Tree Rated Stars The Deku Tree has something to say... Listen up, Hero. Other Link Finding Stuff... Link Finding Stuff... Rated Stars Link keeps finding things of interest. Other Weapon of PWNage 6 Weapon of PWNage 6 Rated Stars Weapon of PWNage 6 - BUFF PIKACHU VS. TEAM ROCKET & then stuck in Pokemon Gold! Comedy - Parody Weapon of PWNage 1 Weapon of PWNage 1 Rated Stars Weapon of PWNage episode 1 - BUFF RARE-CANDY STEROIDED UP PIKACHU? Comedy - Parody Tingle Survival Island #1 Tingle Survival Island #1 Rated Stars Tingle ends up stranded on an island. How will he escape? Comedy - Parody TLoZ: The Execution TLoZ: The Execution Rated Stars Think twice before you embark on an epic quest Comedy - Parody Zelda: Tingle kills Navi Zelda: Tingle kills Navi Rated Stars Not only you and Link hate Navi..... Comedy - Parody Ghirahim Likes Hair Ghirahim Likes Hair Rated Stars Ghirahim stalks Link to tell him about his love of Link's hair Comedy - Parody Rejected Zelda commerical Rejected Zelda commerical Rated Stars You're a swine if you never played Ocarina of Time. Comedy - Parody Kokiri Shop Kokiri Shop Rated Stars Just Link chilling at Kokiri Shop... Other Zero Vs Link Zero Vs Link Rated Stars Action animation Action Zelda da ho 2 Zelda da ho 2 Rated Stars Zelda da ho 2: Zelda still a ho Comedy - Parody