Site Background / The Troma Connection

A sick and twisted website, with hits like Assassin, Club a Seal, and Telebubby Fun Land.

A sick film company, with hits like The Toxic Avenger, Tromeo & Juliet, and Killer Condom.

A match made in heaven!

From September 1999 until December 2002, Newgrounds was hosted as part of the Tromaville Network. In return, they managed the ads and kept a cut for themselves.

Troma came to me at the perfect time, because I had three options:

  1. Shut down the site because I could no longer afford bandwidth fees.

  2. Sell the site to the Digital Entertainment Network (DEN), who was a huge hype at the time, but has since gone out of business (the $60 million dollars they spent in one year wasn't enough to stay afloat).

  3. Affiliate with Troma, and get free hosting and revenue from the banner ads.

As tempting as the Den offer was at the time (especially for a poor college kid), I took the Troma offer.

I signed the contract with Troma in September of 1999... Over that next year I had a barrage of offers from other affiliate networks and other companies wanting to buy Newgrounds. Other affiliate networks offered a lot more money, which made me bitter about the contract I was stuck in - but those companies have since failed to pay their affiliates and have gone out of business.

We eventually ended the partnership when Troma dissolved their network. We still actually host a large number of network sites as a courtesy - Troma let us keep the hosting hardware, so we just kept the affiliate server running. We've upgraded all the other hardware since then, of course. :)

   Before the Tromaville Coalition:

Before Troma even started their affiliate network, I worked with them to create some on-line games. My first Troma creation was "Ask the Penis Monster", featuring the Penis Monster from Tromeo & Juliet.

Tommy Lee was quoted in "Yahoo! Internet Life" as saying Ask The Penis Monster is his favorite thing on the web!