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   Site Background / Tour of NG Headquarters

PLEASE NOTE, this tour was originally posted in November of 2000. The NG HQ featured here was my college apartment at the time. I have since moved around a bit, and plan to document all of my offices over the years. For now, here is a brief history of NG HQs:

  1. The computer @ my parents' house.
  2. My college dorm room.
  3. My first apartment.
  4. My second apartment (the one you see on this page).
  5. My apartment in Mt. Airy (where I actually had a room dedicated to the office)
  6. My apartment in Atlanta (where I worked in the corner of the living room - my smallest office yet)
  7. My house (where I reside currently and again have a room dedicated to the office)
Until we put together the complete collection, enjoy this article, originally posted by Wade!

Amusing side-note: People often thought the "in-house" servers below were the Newgrounds servers. They were, in fact, just our internal network in the apartment. Newgrounds was hosted in NYC at the time, and was managed by Francois, Troma's former network-guru. My roommate Tim had nothing to do with the Newgrounds servers at this time, but he now manages them here in Philadelphia.

Additional updates: Andy Brozyna was just doing art temporarily until he moved down to the DC area. Ross is no longer with NG since the dot com crash, but we still hang out regularly. James has since taken Ross's position.

Lately we have had a lot of NG fans requesting to see pictures of NG Headquarters. I have taken some time to snap digital pictures around NQ HQ's. If you did not already know, we have two webcams in NG HQ's main office, which is also Tom's bedroom. So the two images you see from NG HQ are coming from the same room, not two seperate rooms. I have taken several pictures from different angles of the room. Please take a look below to check out the images.

Here is a shot of the office rarely seen. This angle shows where Tom sleeps, when he actually does sleep. The bicycle is Tom's, but he usually gets around the city on foot, and taking mass transit.

Now we turn our view to the right and can see where Andy Broznya and myself work. The door on the left leads outside, next to where someone pooped on our building. You can see Sherbert the cat sleeping in a box, and our only non-boarded-up window in the room. The Wade and Ross webcam sits on that window sill.

Turning slightly more to the right we can see what a mess my work area is.

Now we're standing back by the door that leads to the outside and can see where Ross works, and Tom's work area to the right of Ross's. My work area is to the left of Ross. The doorway leads to a small hallway with a spiral staircase that leads upstairs and a walk through type of closet which leads to the bathroom.

This is walking out of the NG office and into the hallway. You can see the spiral stairs that lead upstairs, and some of our internal network's servers.

Here is a close-up of some of the inhouse servers, maintained by Tim Miller.

Turning right we go into the bathroom. This is where some of's greatest material is thought up. Sherbert's litter box is also located in here.

Now we've gone up the stairs, and we are looking back down. I have managed to only slip and start falling down them once. My shoes were wet, and my hands were full. I stopped when my legs got stuck in the metal rails, and my elbows landed on the rail.

At the top of the stairs we walk into the kitchen. We can see the sink, microwave, and dishwasher.

Walking across the room and standing on the counter we can see the other side of the kitchen. Here you can see the fridge, stove, and the spiral stair case I came up.

Here is a shot of what is in the fridge. Looks like beer, and pizza.

The next room is the dinning room/living room. The NG crew rarely eats at this table. Tom has dinner here sometimes, and plays games with his roomates Tim and Pete.

Here's the living room. This is where Tom watches movies, TV, and plays video games. The rest of the NG crew is rarely privileged to spend time in this room during work hours.

Well, there is all I have pictures of at this time. If you did not know, Tom lives in an apartment with two roomates, Pete and Tim. I did not take pictures of Tim and Pete's room to protect their privacy. We are currently working out of Tom's bedroom.

Posted November 1, 2000 by Wade Fulp