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Sherbert the CatPhiladelphia, Pa.

This is a photo series of Sherbert, the Cat Dynamics mascot and Tom's pet.

Sherbet sleeping.Sherbert takes a nap after finishing a case of Octoberfest.

Sherbert at the window.Sherbert sits in the bathroom window.

Sherbert sleeping.Sleepy Sherbert takes a nap in the middle of NG's office floor.

Sherbert wakes up.Sherbert wonders when I will finish taking his picture so he can go back to sleep.

Sherbert looks mad.I think Sherbert has had enough of me taking his picture.

Sherbert falls asleep again.Still looking sleepy.

Sherbert and his toys.Sherbert shows affection as Tom pets him while he plays with his toys.

Sherbert and his mouse.Sherbert and his blue mouse.

That's it.