Fall of 2005 was back-to-school time and we thought we would encourage students to promote Newgrounds on their college campuses. The lure of $500 CASH ensured us we would receive some great entries!

LeekClock went as far as to construct a StrawberryClock costume! You can download some video and watch him hug old ladies!


sirevil gets props for not only dressing as Pico, but also for taking a ton of pictures of different people holding up NG flyers. He must have gotten over a hundred people to pimp NG for the camera, it rocks! Here's a small sample:


Dasneviano put on a paper Alien Hominid mask and roamed around his universidade making friends!

Magicsalt painted the Newgrounds logo on his guitar and rocked out for a crowd!
Red8ball set up a Newgrounds information booth and left some reading material on peoples' windshields!
JoeisCooler papered his campus with NG flyers then followed up with a giant NG tank in his dorm room window!
Finally, _Darx_ proves you don't need to be in college to enter the Newgrounds campus contest. He set out with his friends and tagged their high school with NG flyers! We don't condone this sort of activity in high school, but we'll post some pics anyway!
Thank you to everyone who helped promote Newgrounds this fall!

Posted 11/07/05 by TomFulp