Newgrounds: Portal Defenders Walkthrough


Grab your favorite cooking utensil and prepare for battle for the Newgrounds Portal. We suggest that you read this instruction manual thoroughly for maximum game enjoyment.


Because was the 1st flash portal on the web, people from around the world submit hundreds of flash games and movies every day! That means someone has to sort the SPAM submissions from the quality ones. That's where you come in! Take on the role of Tom Fulp, Newgrounds' creator (and his trusty side-kick Dan Paladin) to defend the Newgrounds Flash Portal from the likes of the frivolous Kitty Krew, geeky actionscripters, and cocky animators. Each wave will introduce you to new challenges that will bring back memories of your early-childhood "nintendo-thumb-ache" and each wave's boss will have you quaking in your virtual boots. GOOD LUCK PORTAL DEFENDER!


  • A - Select option/Skip Boring Stuff
  • S - BACK
  • ARROW KEYS - Navigate Menu
  • A - Attack (Press A repeatedly to chain different attacks)
  • S - Jump (Remember this one because it will be crucial to some mini-games and bosses)
  • D - Special (Each character can throw a special item that goes BOOM!)
  • ARROW KEYS - Move yourself around
  • P - Pause
  • R - Restart
  • Q - Toggle Quality


In the upper left-hand corner of the screen is your character's life. This runs out and it's GAME OVER for you! Next to your life is the number of special exploding items you have. Press "D" to unleash some serious damage! Below your life is where your points show up. Gathered points will be factored into the number of special items you get at the end of each wave. The upper right-hand corner of the screen will show the energy of the blokes you're fighting. Hit them enough times to drain their life bar and they'll blink into non-existence! Sometimes the violence of their deaths will cause them to part with their precious bodily organs. To a Portal Defender, these organs look delicious! Pick them up and chow down to restore your life! The center of the screen will display your combo meter. If you can manage to juggle your enemies in the air, your combo meter will tick up and totally augment your score!

heads up display


TOM FULP — This zany dude created Newgrounds and has vowed to destroy any threats that come through the portal. He is also known for programming Alien Hominid and Castle Crashers. FUN FACT: When Tom is bored he contorts his body into strange poses to harness his Chakra. Tom excels in physical strength, but moves around the screen more slowly than most other characters.

DAN PALADIN — This sprightly guy did all the art for Alien Hominid and Castle Crashers and got suckered into helping Tom defend the portal after losing a high-stakes game of poker. Fun Fact: Dan often draws his underwear onto his pelvis instead of donning the real thing! Dan moves extremely fast and has a very high "special item" multiplier, but he lacks the physical strength of most other characters.




Every wave has a BOSS; A character who is bigger, stronger, and smarter than his underlings previously encountered in the wave. You might be intimidated by their rugged good looks, but don't be fooled! Each boss has vulnerabilities that the ambitious Portal Defender will soon recognize. Here are a few hints put together by intrepid ninjas who spied on each boss while he filled out his tax return last year:

What this guy lacks in subtlety he makes up for in spunk. Avoid head-on attacks and watch out for his "Ball-o'-yarn" attack. When you see the blinking "X" appear beneath your feet, run away and approach him from the top or bottom to wail on him. While he's being attacked he'll be too distracted to call down any yarn balls so BE AGGRESSIVE! Pro Tip: Take out his minions as soon as possible to avoid getting sucker-attacked from behind.

Yes, this genius of code and never-releasing NG Chat, has a giant GOLDFISH tattooed on his chest. He follows a very distinct pattern so observe him for a bit and take out his actionscripting minions before going in for the kill. Take advantage of his cockiness by hitting him with bombs when he's laughing at you...that'll shut him up! Avoid his flying fish attack and rush in for a few solid hits while he's panting to regain his breath. Pro Tip: You can interrupt his flying fish attack with a few carefully placed strikes in-between each fish toss. Remember: You can also jump to avoid Psycho's ground slam and also to avoid the actionscriptors' saws!

HOLY CRAP! Mindchamber finally started his body-meld with that weird robot he's always drawing! MC's reach is extremely long because of his inspector-gadget extendo-arms, so a frontal assault on him is definitely out of the question, he's also extremely hard to hit with bombs so don't even try it. Pro Tip: Since MC's bombs home-in on you, an adept Portal Defender will lure the "X" on the ground into the path of Mindchamber and his enemies thus turning his weapon against him!

Just like in real-life these two LOVE working together and putting their hands all-over each-other. Pro Tip: When Stamper is in Balloon form, he can only be hurt by JUMP attacks, so make use of that "S" button!

Pure rage is personified in the final boss Wadolf. Unfortunately our ninja spies were obliterated when Wadolf's super-human hearing alerted him to their presence. Each ninja had cause to reflect on his loving wife and children waiting at home while Wadolf melted their souls with his LED eye-lazors. Pro Tip: Abandon all hope when confronted with the visage of Wadolf the terrible.


During the course of the game you'll get to play 2 mini-games to distract you from the unbearable repetitiveness of endlessly mashing the same button:

P-BOT ZAMBONI Jump onto the ever-useful P-bot to clean up the mounds of blood you've accumulated through your Portal Defending escapades. Your final score will depend on how much of the TOTAL floor you've covered with soap, NOT just the bloody areas. Cleaning up the blood serves 2 purposes, a nice mini-game distraction, and making your game run a lot faster for the final rounds!

TREASURE CHEST DECODER What's this? A giant treasure chest? With pictograms on it? Jump on the buttons to change the pictures on the treasure chest. There's a secret code you must break to gain access to the goodness inside the chest. Get in touch with your nerdy "process-of-elimination" side to get past this challenge! Pro Tip: There's really only 1 combination to this safe, it's as easy as 1,2,3!

PAINT THE TOWN RED Think of it as fingerpainting taken to the bloody extreme. In the "Paint the town red" game, you can draw pictures using the blood tracked around on your feet. Submit your gory creation and maybe you'll be featured for the WHOLE UNIVERSE to see!

pbot bumper car


This may be a cheap way to addict you to the game, but hey, we're not above that. Do random stuff we made up and a special "Achievement unlocked" message will appear on the screen exciting the accountant side of your brain that likes to tick things off on a list. These achievements will be tracked in your Newgrounds account if you're logged-in on


This game was developed by BoMToons and Luis Castanon with music by Brian Holmes — Powered by

Thanks to the following people for allowing us to use their likenesses and/or characters:

Additional thanks: Techno, Coaly and you for playing!