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   Making the Game / Pico 2

Does anyone remember the buzz on NG when I put up the original Pico's School preview page? It looked cooler than anything else on Newgrounds at the time (keep in mind there was no auto-Portal) and was the culmination of every Flash 3 trick I had figured out. I couldn't wait to surprise everyone.

Ever since then, I have received endless emails begging for a sequel. I started working on the original Pico 2 with Flash 4 over two years ago in August of 1999, and spent four months building a pretty nifty game. I lost interest in the project and later decided to scrap it completely, feeling it didn't live up to my vision of what the sequel to Pico should be.

I feel like I kinda let everyone down by waiting as long as I have - but I didn't want to do it until I could do it right. That day has come. I have teamed up with Jose Ortiz, who has redesigned Pico in a style that stays true to his original character. The new Pico adventure will be grittier... Sometimes darker, sometimes brighter. It will be bigger, meaner, faster, stronger. The storyline will hopefully put the last one to shame. :)

I don't want to hype it up too much - we are just getting started! After some major headaches, we decided to stick with a control scheme that was similar to the Pico 2 I started two years ago - but with some obvious improvements thanks to Flash 5. The controls currently work like this - you run around with the arrow keys, and interact by clicking on things with the mouse. When you are in talk/examine mode, Pico will talk to people and examine items. In punching mode, Pico will do the obvious. In weapons mode, your mouse pointer becomes a crosshair and allows Pico to aim and fire at anything on-screen.

It has been my plan for a long time to give Pico 2 a very realistic "human-response" system. It has been seen more recently in games like Grand Theft Auto 3, but I'm hoping to explore some fun new ideas I've had over the years.

I've let enough cats out of the bag for now. Enjoy these early screenshots! Nene's head will probably be changed from that pic above... In case you are confused it is a side-by-side comparison of the original Pico characters and the new ones. :)

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Posted October 26, 2001 by Tom Fulp
Updated January 6, 2002