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April Fools With MartyPhiladelphia, Pa.

This past April 1st, we played a mean April Fools prank on the newgrounds fans. I thought people would get a kick out of it, and most did, but that didn't stop hundreds of other people who flooded our mailboxes.

The prank was simple - I replaced most of the site with goofy Flash animations by Marty. In case you aren't familiar with Marty, he is the first person to ever have his movie removed from The Portal, due to people hating it so much. Keep in mind, only 5% of the movies I get make it to The Portal, so it isn't as if it was the worst I ever received. I got a kick out of the movie cause it was so cheesy, which is why I posted it. Most people failed to find the humor in it (perhaps it was over their heads or something, I'll never know).

So anyway, I made up a little frontpage story explaining how I had been arrested, and Marty (supposedly my cousin, although he isn't) was taking over the site while I was away. Feeling the need for revenge (since everyone hated his cartoon), Marty deleted the whole site and replaced it with his own cartoons and games. People freaked.

Over the next few days I will be posting an archive of the results... Check them out on this list below!

AF2k: How it Looked

AF2k: AIM Conversations Archive

KrAzyDawgSk8eR: what the hell did u do to newgrounds?
MaRtY1085: hahaha
KrAzyDawgSk8eR: and what the fuck r all those gay games???? I WANT MY ASSASSIN!
MaRtY1085: no
MaRtY1085: i rule
KrAzyDawgSk8eR: no, u suck donkey balls, TURN IT BACK!
KrAzyDawgSk8eR: CHANGE IT!!!!!!!!!
KrAzyDawgSk8eR: ur a goddamn cockless fucker
MaRtY1085: no
MaRtY1085: i refuse to
MaRtY1085: ok
MaRtY1085: fine
MaRtY1085: i just changed it back
KrAzyDawgSk8eR: this better be good
KrAzyDawgSk8eR: u didn't do shit!
MaRtY1085: yeah
MaRtY1085: i know
MaRtY1085: hahaha
MaRtY1085: you wuss
KrAzyDawgSk8eR: u goddamn fucking piece of donkey raping fuck!
MaRtY1085: man
MaRtY1085: those busts are killing me
MaRtY1085: hahaha
MaRtY1085: FINE
MaRtY1085: just kidding, you wuss
MaRtY1085: chill out man
KrAzyDawgSk8eR: KNEW IT!!!!
MaRtY1085: yeah
MaRtY1085: hehehehe
MaRtY1085: i like it a lot
KrAzyDawgSk8eR: the nwe one sux ass!
MaRtY1085: no
MaRtY1085: it rules all
MaRtY1085: i am better at flash than tom
KrAzyDawgSk8eR: my ass!
KrAzyDawgSk8eR: the new one isn't even as good as MY site!
KrAzyDawgSk8eR: and i don't even USE flash
MaRtY1085: i dont care
MaRtY1085: shut up
KrAzyDawgSk8eR: yea u do
KrAzyDawgSk8eR: u care that ur site sux, and mine fuckn rulez all, and u destroyed the greatest site to ever be on the net
MaRtY1085: you really do suck ass
MaRtY1085: just shut the hell up
KrAzyDawgSk8eR: i suck ass? LOOK AT U! U r the dumbest muthafucka I've ever talked to
MaRtY1085: bye now
KrAzyDawgSk8eR: fucker
MaRtY1085: haha

Orgazmo 40004: I can't wwait till tom gets out of prison
MaRtY1085: you suck
MaRtY1085: shut up
Orgazmo 40004: Lol
Orgazmo 40004: You
MaRtY1085: go back to school, maybe you'll learn something
MaRtY1085: hehe
Orgazmo 40004: HEHE
Orgazmo 40004: I will fuking bust you
Orgazmo 40004: you are probally a little 18 year old
Orgazmo 40004: How thinks he's cool
Orgazmo 40004: Just put back old newgrounds man
Orgazmo 40004: you are hated now by like so many people
Orgazmo 40004: tom is gonna bust you in the face when he gets out
Orgazmo 40004: how can you do that to your cousin and his fans
MaRtY1085: ok
MaRtY1085: it is back
Orgazmo 40004: no its not
Orgazmo 40004: i just looked
MaRtY1085: HAHAHAH just kidding.. it is mine FOREVER
Orgazmo 40004: lol just wait tom will come back
Orgazmo 40004: and run you over kid
Orgazmo 40004: Man i hope you get beat and killed by some thugs in what ever state and town u are in
MaRtY1085: heh
Orgazmo 40004: No wonder your single
MaRtY1085: you are funny
Orgazmo 40004: lol
Orgazmo 40004: nice profile
Orgazmo 40004: I would beat the hell outta you if i found you
Orgazmo 40004: in a club
MaRtY1085: bring it
MaRtY1085: wuss
Orgazmo 40004: LOL
Orgazmo 40004: how old are you?
Orgazmo 40004: 5?
Orgazmo 40004: 6?
Orgazmo 40004: are you a homo?
Orgazmo 40004: Does tom know you did this?
Orgazmo 40004: i'm gonna laugh if i doesn't get sent to prison
Orgazmo 40004: you are scared arnt you
Orgazmo 40004: dude were did you learn to draw

PhysHooK: Hey, you mind telling me what is up with Newgrounds?
MaRtY1085: no problem
MaRtY1085: tom got arrested
MaRtY1085: i run it
MaRtY1085: i deleted the old stuff
PhysHooK: now tell me what really happened
MaRtY1085: that is seriously what happened
PhysHooK: Tom wouldnt let that happen
MaRtY1085: well.. he just did... he doesn't really know but he just let it happen
PhysHooK: I dont know why, but for some reason I belive you
MaRtY1085: good idea
MaRtY1085: hahaha
MaRtY1085: i am the master at flash
MaRtY1085: i am better than tom at flash!!
MaRtY1085: and ribbagrounds RULES ALL
PhysHooK: Slit Finger Productions... nope, get a load of this
PhysHooK: the fans Tom has will trickle to this site, trust me
MaRtY1085: no they wont
MaRtY1085: mine is the greatest
PhysHooK: Beat Stile, beat Slitfinger, beat Joe Cartoon...ya dont stand a chance
MaRtY1085: i shall
MaRtY1085: dont worry
MaRtY1085: i shall
PhysHooK: ya know Marty, the only thing that keeps me away from knowing Tom isnt behind that name is the fact that he would never stand behind a name that has put out such suckfest animations
PhysHooK: Skater Steve or whatever, what a load of crap. take some pointers from Brian Beaton or O'Neil/Premo
MaRtY1085: nah
PhysHooK: nah what?
MaRtY1085: i dont wanna take pointers.. my stuff rules


Majin Vegeta2693: is it true about the originator going to court?
MaRtY1085: yeah
Majin Vegeta2693: well on behalf of all the huge fans of violence and killings, YOUR STUFF TRUELY SUCKS DONKEY DICKS!!!!
Majin Vegeta2693: all the people hate what you did to the best violent website in the world, and now people won't come on newgrounds anymore cuz of your kiddyish movies
MaRtY1085: awww thats too bad
MaRtY1085: ahahahahahahahaha
MaRtY1085: you wuss
MaRtY1085: shut up
MaRtY1085: i rule at flash
MaRtY1085: i am better than tom at flash!!
Majin Vegeta2693: on being a fag
MaRtY1085: no
MaRtY1085: you are just being silly
Majin Vegeta2693: fuck yeah
Majin Vegeta2693: you are acting like a dork
Majin Vegeta2693: tom will wanna kill you for what you did
MaRtY1085: umm
MaRtY1085: no he wont
MaRtY1085: he will.. umm.. praise m
MaRtY1085: *me
Majin Vegeta2693: trust me, with all the stuff he put on his website, he'll DEFINITELY wanna kill you
MaRtY1085: no
MaRtY1085: mine is better
MaRtY1085: just deal with it
Majin Vegeta2693: *LMFAO*
MaRtY1085: mine rules
Majin Vegeta2693: uh huh, yeah right
MaRtY1085: it does
MaRtY1085: just admit it
Majin Vegeta2693: nope
Majin Vegeta2693: i know what sux, and your shit sux big ballz
MaRtY1085: no
MaRtY1085: it rules
MaRtY1085: hahah
MaRtY1085: wuss

MaRtY1085: its better now
MrAzZ369: that waz the best thing there
MaRtY1085: no
MaRtY1085: i deleted it
MrAzZ369: y
MrAzZ369: can u put it back?
MrAzZ369: reading rainbow waz awsome and so waz pee wee
MaRtY1085: sorry
MaRtY1085: i deleted those!!
MaRtY1085: bwahahahahaha
MrAzZ369: o ya i sent u mail earlier your cartoons suck
MrAzZ369: there is no pico either
MrAzZ369: just ur stupid skate bording cartoon
MrAzZ369: Ribbagrounds... what the hells up wit dat????????????
MrAzZ369: assasin sucks 2 who wants 2 see ur friends?????? ur 2 friends i may add
MaRtY1085: it rules
MaRtY1085: and no one can say that it doesnt
MrAzZ369: y not
MaRtY1085: because i said so
MaRtY1085: you wuss
MrAzZ369: ooooooo im tickled pink now big boy
MrAzZ369: funny pics is much betta than u
MaRtY1085: n
MaRtY1085: o
MaRtY1085: not really
MaRtY1085: mrazz
MaRtY1085: you suck
MrAzZ369: wow ur really bad
MaRtY1085: i rule

XxXdag911XxX: yo can u send me yodas blowjob
XxXdag911XxX: ??
MaRtY1085: no
XxXdag911XxX: why
XxXdag911XxX: it was the best
XxXdag911XxX: when is the next time ur gonna update the thing
XxXdag911XxX: ??
XxXdag911XxX: u didnt go to jail
MaRtY1085: i didnt
MaRtY1085: tom did
XxXdag911XxX: when is tom gonna come back anc take over
MaRtY1085: umm
MaRtY1085: he is in jail
MaRtY1085: and awaiting trial
MaRtY1085: it might not be for a while
XxXdag911XxX: wens he coming back
XxXdag911XxX: dam
XxXdag911XxX: he made the best stuff
MaRtY1085: no
MaRtY1085: i am better than tom at flash!!
XxXdag911XxX: hellz no
XxXdag911XxX: he did all that stuff
XxXdag911XxX: like the portal and the last update not urs his was off the hook
XxXdag911XxX: every1 liked it but when the looked at urs they were like this is horrible
XxXdag911XxX: and why does it say telletubbies funland if u only have 1 cartoon on it
XxXdag911XxX: that is so gay
XxXdag911XxX: Ribbagro... how gay is this it says pico and nothing is there
MaRtY1085: it is sweet
MaRtY1085: i am sorry for you being in denial
XxXdag911XxX: its only a skateboard
XxXdag911XxX: thats it
MaRtY1085: it rules, thats all
XxXdag911XxX: its gayy
XxXdag911XxX: every1 used to laugh there ass off when they saw the old newgrounds
XxXdag911XxX: it was phat
XxXdag911XxX: and what happend to scrotem the puppy
XxXdag911XxX: that was phat to
XxXdag911XxX: the old 1 was a lot better at flast than u
MaRtY1085: no
XxXdag911XxX: yea
MaRtY1085: mine is better
XxXdag911XxX: u deleted all of the old stuff
XxXdag911XxX: u should of just added stuff
XxXdag911XxX: its so gay
MaRtY1085: no
MaRtY1085: it just rules
XxXdag911XxX: yep
XxXdag911XxX: its so gay
XxXdag911XxX: ask any1 all my friends were like what happend to newgrounds now its a mess what did this guy do
XxXdag911XxX: u r not better at flash
XxXdag911XxX: and why dont u then delete everything and put in movie clips like scrotum the puppy
XxXdag911XxX: ok thats gay who wants to see ur friends
XxXdag911XxX: its so gay now
XxXdag911XxX: that turned from the best site to the worse site
XxXdag911XxX: u suck at flash and i am a web designer and that is beat
MaRtY1085: you are cool
MaRtY1085: really cool
XxXdag911XxX: i know
XxXdag911XxX: and ur site is beat
XxXdag911XxX: if he dont go to jail
XxXdag911XxX: is he gonna take over the site again
XxXdag911XxX: ???
XxXdag911XxX: hello
XxXdag911XxX: i hope he does take it over
MaRtY1085: no
MaRtY1085: he is already in jail
XxXdag911XxX: is he
XxXdag911XxX: well when he gets out
XxXdag911XxX: ??
MaRtY1085: he is awaiting trial
XxXdag911XxX: aight but if he gets out
XxXdag911XxX: is he going to take it over
XxXdag911XxX: ??
XxXdag911XxX: is he
MaRtY1085: no

SirMIxaLOt21: marty, put the old newgrounds back damnit
MaRtY1085: no
SirMIxaLOt21: y
SirMIxaLOt21: this new stuff sucks dick, noone will go on it ever again, u not onlyu will have no customers, ull lose money, when tom fulp gets out of prison
SirMIxaLOt21: ribbagrounds F*cking sucks
SirMIxaLOt21: u skateboarding freak
MaRtY1085: hahaha
MaRtY1085: you are funny
MaRtY1085: i am great!

HoTGiRl2001234: HEY
MaRtY1085: hi there
HoTGiRl2001234: H
HoTGiRl2001234: E
HoTGiRl2001234: L
HoTGiRl2001234: L
HoTGiRl2001234: O
HoTGiRl2001234: HELLO
HoTGiRl2001234: HELLO
MaRtY1085: yeah
MaRtY1085: i am here
MaRtY1085: gimme time... i am doing 30 ims right now
MaRtY1085: yeah, i deleted assassin and all that other stuff
MaRtY1085: my stuff is a lot better
HoTGiRl2001234: IT'S BORING
HoTGiRl2001234: IT SUCKS
MaRtY1085: it RULES
HoTGiRl2001234: HELLO
HoTGiRl2001234: OK
MaRtY1085: no
MaRtY1085: i wont
HoTGiRl2001234: YES OR I WILL
HoTGiRl2001234: HELLO
MaRtY1085: ooooh spooky
HoTGiRl2001234: i just sent i an e-mail
HoTGiRl2001234: u i mean
HoTGiRl2001234: hello will ya pppppppppplllllllllleeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssss
MaRtY1085: lol
MaRtY1085: hahah

Rzws3000: your site is cool
MaRtY1085: oh, i know
Rzws3000: one of the better ones
Rzws3000: but the portal is gone, and that was really cool
MaRtY1085: no
Rzws3000: what?
MaRtY1085: it is awesome now
Rzws3000: no the portal was awsome
Rzws3000: it's still a good site though
Rzws3000: so your Tom's cousin?
Rzws3000: how old are you guys?
Rzws3000: like 20's?
Rzws3000: no, your like 12
MaRtY1085: NO
MaRtY1085: not really
Rzws3000: you lie
MaRtY1085: but the site rules and i am better than tom at flash!!
Rzws3000: no, now you made assassin suck
Rzws3000: where the hell are all the celebs?
Rzws3000: why am i looking at these butt pirates that you call "your friends"
Rzws3000: and where the hell is Pico?
MaRtY1085: i deleted them all
Rzws3000: dude! weak!
Rzws3000: this animation suck like hell
Rzws3000: i want tom back
Rzws3000: bust his ass outta jail
Rzws3000: what are yuo waiting for, go
Rzws3000: run dammit
MaRtY1085: no
MaRtY1085: you are silly
Rzws3000: yeah
Rzws3000: no, im serious
Rzws3000: the site blows
MaRtY1085: no
MaRtY1085: its awesome
MaRtY1085: haha

Vulcan835: thanks for srewing up newgorunds buddy
MaRtY1085: no problem!
MaRtY1085: but actually
MaRtY1085: it is better than before
Vulcan835: no it isn't
Vulcan835: it sucks
Vulcan835: you should put it back like it was the first place
MaRtY1085: no
MaRtY1085: it is better now
Vulcan835: no
Vulcan835: it isn't
MaRtY1085: YEAH
MaRtY1085: IT IS

Kewlk7: its no good annymore
MaRtY1085: it is awesome now
Kewlk7: you have got to be kidding me it is so bad put the old stuf back on
Kewlk7: oh its better now i think its so good dude i'm sorry but no one likes it know your cousion did alot better job
MaRtY1085: sorry
MaRtY1085: i deleted the old stuff
MaRtY1085: ;)
MaRtY1085: i am better than tom at flash!!
Kewlk7: no your not
Kewlk7: that tom guy is
MaRtY1085: no
MaRtY1085: i am
Kewlk7: you took off all of the games and everything when that tom guy get back he better take it away from you
Kewlk7: you can't kill nobody anymore
Kewlk7: and the portal kicked
Kewlk7: i was awosom
Kewlk7: i hate you man
Kewlk7: so will everyone elase
Kewlk7: so does my friends
Kewlk7: and so will your cousion tom
Kewlk7: i hope you get put in jail
MaRtY1085: thats not gonna happen
MaRtY1085: hahaha
MaRtY1085: i rule and i am better than tom at flash!!
Kewlk7: maybe you might think so but i don't and neather does anyone elase thats why you were laughed off the portal
Kewlk7: your site sucks
MaRtY1085: it rules

Shaguar316450: so...why did you make it soo gay?
MaRtY1085: because it is great now
Shaguar316450: no it sucks so unbeleivably bad....those things are too stupid.......Bring the games back
MaRtY1085: no
MaRtY1085: i deleted them all
Shaguar316450: why....everyone loved them...Those stupid movie things you have there now are gay....people are going to stop coming to your site
MaRtY1085: no they wont
MaRtY1085: everyone loves ribbagrounds
Shaguar316450: yeah they will
Shaguar316450: everyone hates your stuff
MaRtY1085: they all love it
MaRtY1085: and you know it
Shaguar316450: no they don't
Shaguar316450: they suck and you know it......Your just in denial
MaRtY1085: no, they rule
MaRtY1085: and thats it
Shaguar316450: maybe to you...but all my friends and everyone I know that goes to that site goes for the games...not for some gay stupid movies....that SUCK.
MaRtY1085: it rules
MaRtY1085: deal with it

mEgA p E p: Hey I'm talking to you ass wipe.
MaRtY1085: yeah
mEgA p E p: Why did you have to make the site suck?
MaRtY1085: and i am scared
MaRtY1085: it is soo much better now
mEgA p E p: What are you talking about?
mEgA p E p: Where did all the other stuff go?
mEgA p E p: Why don't you send it to me and I'll put up a site and we'll see who gets more hits.
MaRtY1085: no
MaRtY1085: i deleted it all
mEgA p E p: Oh no you didn't.
MaRtY1085: actually i did
mEgA p E p: Why the hell would you do that?
mEgA p E p: Well let me send you one of my flash movies...
MaRtY1085: nah
MaRtY1085: thats ok
mEgA p E p: If you don't like I'll stop bitching, but I think you'll see...
MaRtY1085: no i wont
mEgA p E p: But you only have like 3 movies up.
MaRtY1085: they are great though
MaRtY1085: really great
MaRtY1085: better than toms!!

All 2 TLC: Why did you change the site
MaRtY1085: because it is better now
All 2 TLC: Yeah right it sucks
MaRtY1085: it RULES!!!
All 2 TLC: Yeah right you wouldn't know somthing cool if it bit your ass
All 2 TLC: You still there
MaRtY1085: yeah
MaRtY1085: im here
MaRtY1085: and i am chillin because of my sweet site
All 2 TLC: Why did you change the site
All 2 TLC: Did you just send me porn?
All 2 TLC: If you did your discusting
All 2 TLC: Hello
MaRtY1085: no i didnt
MaRtY1085: not at all
MaRtY1085: and it is soo much better now
All 2 TLC: Someone just sent me a lot of porn
All 2 TLC: Well I complaing cuz I think it sucks
MaRtY1085: it rules
MaRtY1085: i am serious it does
All 2 TLC: I'm looking at it right now and it sucks ass
MaRtY1085: it rules
MaRtY1085: i am the master of flash

Delirium002: Hey...did you hack
MaRtY1085: no
MaRtY1085: i am toms cousin
MaRtY1085: and i run it now
MaRtY1085: tom got arrested
Delirium002: Why did you make it all messed up then?
Delirium002: Those are some AWESOME movies that you made, and put everywhere.
MaRtY1085: oh, i know
MaRtY1085: they are great!
MaRtY1085: they rule
Delirium002: your full of crap. Tom didnt go to jail. I saw him last night, behind McDonalds. He was licking some Fat Puerto Rican's ass, for candy.
MaRtY1085: you are pretty lame
MaRtY1085: and he is in jail
Delirium002: SURE HE IS
Delirium002: read your mail
Delirium002: If this isnt some April Fools could have at least, made Newgrounds LESS LAME
Delirium002: And that theme song, on the main menu is really annoying
MaRtY1085: i like it
MaRtY1085: and it rules
MaRtY1085: hahahahaha
Delirium002: what?
Delirium002: do you have any more movies in the portal?
MaRtY1085: 900
Delirium002: Ok.
MaRtY1085: heh

SpikeHead6: why did you do that to newgronds
SpikeHead6: grounds*
MaRtY1085: you suck and are lame and are the biggest idiot in the world
SpikeHead6: and and and you messed up an awesome site
SpikeHead6: no wonder people laughed at your portal works
MaRtY1085: how about before you talk to me, you visit the site again
MaRtY1085: YOU ARE AN IDIOT!!!!!!!
SpikeHead6: why would i even think of going to the site again after seeing what i saw yesterday
SpikeHead6: can you blame me for not going back
MaRtY1085: i swear to god on all things that are holy for you to shut up...... you are so stupid.... i can't believe you.... JESUS MAN
MaRtY1085: you suck
MaRtY1085: and are sooo stupid
SpikeHead6: how old are you.....14? id have guessed so
MaRtY1085: 15
MaRtY1085: and a 15 year old FOOLED YOU
SpikeHead6: fooled what are you talking about
SpikeHead6: how so
SpikeHead6: so that whole thing was a april fools joke huh........not entirely unbelievable

AF2k: Tom's E-mail Archive

Subject: sux

your site sux some major ass scince your cousin took over what is he gay or something he needs to get his ass kicked for ruining your site

Subject: Stop marty STOP

If marty is reading this i just want you to know that you are the devil, your movies suck giant cock and so do you ,you are ruining this site and i hope you get lost befor the site is dead and tom can't fix it.If this is Tom doing a big joke its not to funny

Subject: newgrounds

hey dude,
what the fuck is wrong with the newgrounds site? It used to be shit-hot, but now it's just shit! Have you guys lost the plot or something???? That animation ruled dude, sort it out!!!!!!


godamn you!! what have you done you son of a bitch!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!! I'M GONNA KILL YOU!!!!!

hey - where the fuck has all the good stuff gone? we dont want this bullshit u new guy - leave his old stuff on ata least for gods sake u stupid perverted wanker whatever u new guys name is! we want the good old original tom back! his stuff was worth watching!

Subject: newgrounds

what the fuck were u thinking when u changed the site the new one bites cock so if u want people to surf this site then change it back to the way it was ya cunt liken mother fucken tity suckin two balled bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Subject: Hey you site is cool

Hey yoiur site is so cool just want to say that! But since this new guy mark came it sucks! What happend to the cool assasin it sucks all you do is kill Mark the new guy friends. The other stuff is different to! TOm Please come back and make it like the old one

Subject: i have ta say....

i just hasta say that now that some new guy took over the grounds, its gunna suck. he took awaythe portal and i'm sure lots of people will agree it was a stupid mistake. that place was pretty damn awesome and i was there everyday. he fuckin changed everything around which was stupid of him, and i hasta say that stupid animation he put on the front page is damn retared..... it sucks munky balls, not the portal. i figure since u've been put in jail that that new dude marty will be checkin ur mail an in hopes he might find this letter tellin him how much of a fuckin retard he is for changin the site! u dumb ass! u mother fuckin prick! all my friends r pissed now too, but i'm the only one wit munky balls to actually type hate mail! it's the fuckin stupideat thing this dude has done! u guys really need to change it back cause if u dont, i seriously doubt u will get on that mp3 top sites thing....

bye now ya fucker,

Subject: yo

what the hel* happeded to newgrounds it total sucks now and i am going to tell allof my people to stay clear of it with a letter sent to teveryoine untill this sight is 10 times better. what happened to assassins that was cool. what happened to eveything else now this all blows. please write back and tell me when you have better things on here instead of this stupid sh*t.

you letter fucker why did you change newgrounds you asshole donkeyballs fucker bitch you fuck your mother bitch

Subject: Marty taking over Newgrounds

Tom, I am a huge fan of your work and the work of other people on your website, just thought I'd say that. Please tell me you going to jail is an April Fool's prank, even though I am pretty sure it is, and that Marty is soon to have nothing to do with Newgrounds. I'd think that you or whoever chose a replacement would have chosen someone that's a little better than Marty, seeing as he obviously has no talent as a Flash programmer, and he has a bland and shallow sense of humor. He called the replacement for FDA 'gay boy' and is making fun of an obese person trying to skateboard. That is just flat out infantile and pathetic work. He even said 'cause it sucks monkey balls' and uses alternating caps, which indicates he is pre-pubescent. I don't have a problem with younger people, but when they say things as immature as 'sucks monkey balls' in alternating caps, it sends a negative picture to them I think. (i WiSh I wAs CoOl EnOuGh To UsE AlTeRnAtInG cApS.) Well Tom, in a nutshell, this is an extremely cruel April Fool's joke, if it is one.

Subject: Marty sucks

what the fuck has happened to new grounds tell marty he can suck my big black cock and kiss my hairy ass cheeks. His shitty ass animations aren't fit to entertain a retarded 3 year old who had his eyes stabbed out. And who's doing the music? Quite frankly I could make better music by eating chili and sticking my asshole up against a windowpane. The end result would probably be more aesthetically pleasing than those gay swirly shirts and fucked up arms that look like they're stapled on. "Duh do de duh doo" What the fuck? If I was in one of those horrible cartoon I'd be mumbling and killing myself, too. I mean Jesus Christ, get that kid some fuckin help.. I hope Marty falls headfirst onto a nail.

~~>The Gribler

Subject: Fuck you!!!

hey marty.
your site suck huge fuckin dick!!!!!
Quit you low life piece of shit!!
Bring back the portal you fuck nut!!
Fuck your mother and your father and have a 3-some!!!

it used to be a cool site but now it sucks ass, you are the most stupid nerd i know and i want you to fuck off to hell.
stupid asshole
Thank you.

Subject: newgrounds is now shit!!!!

newgrounds used to be my favourite page, until now, when you idiot, ruined it all.

yes, you fucking marty. you are the one that ruined newgrounds.

dont you realize we dont want to see your stupid videos that a 4 yaer old baby can make them better. if you are a total outcast (you trully are) leave mewgrounds the way it was.


Subject: what the fuck

For the love of god what has happened to your beautiful site! How could you have this happen, I had a ton of links to your page from mine to yours now Ill have to redo all of my site!!! please get this marty guy out of here!!!!!!!

Subject: ...pls read about ur site

where is all the old stuff like pico, the real assasin game and stuff like that. Now everything sucks.... thanks alot i hate the site now

Subject: hi

listen to me punk, u're probably the retard that got Tom Fulp arrested and took over. now this site really sucks dick. u can't run a site 4 shit u stupid cocksucker. i hope Tom gets out and beats the shit out of you!!!!!!!!!!!

if not i'll do it 4 him

Subject: site




sorry to hear about your cousin...I have a friend going through the same thing right now...Please keep up the good work, although i have to disagree, some of the portal movies were quite good (rainbo bright for example) And please dont take away UFA..its one of the coolest games around...



What the fuck is this! I'm sure that sentence was the first sentence of every e-mail you've received since this sight has changed to this 10 foot pile of steaming monkey shit! Marty, your sad sad attempt to make this site a funny inside joke with your friends has made this site more incredibly stupid and gay than Richard Simmons workout videos (and from what I can tell you seem like the type of person who likes to jack off to those) I was going to this site to see the FDA videos (Mega Mix, Santa Dogg, etc.) and what am I greeted by? DISCOMAN!!! What the fuck?! That's not funny! Why make a video about killing a disco guy? Your animation sucks harder than a porn star with a vacuum stuck up her ass! You and your friends are all gay fudgepackers who probably, no no, DEFINITELY fuck dat ass all night long (and I mean each other, not with women, although dogs, cats, and sheep aren't included in "women" so you probably fuck those too!)

Now, I'm a reasonable guy so, if you change this site back to the gigantic laugh riot that it used to be then I won't have all my friends who do go to this site stop forever or at least till Tom gets back (then again they probably already have stopped because this site is more stupefying pain than a kick to the nuts which is something you might no know nothing about because of your lack of testicles and testicular fortitude there in. You know that you are the ugliest Mother fucker, no no I'm sorry, FATHER AND GRANDFATHER AND UNCLE AND NEXT DOOR NEIGHBORS DOG FUCKER I have ever seen and my friends agree, including the girls who say they wouldn't fuck you if you had a check for a $1,000,000,000,000 hanging from your fly.

Where did you find the time to be so gay. You tried so incredibly hard to be as cool as Tom and failed horribly. Another thing, is that your voice in these animations? If so have your vocal chords ripped out then fed to the poor kids in Africa because your vocal chords would do them more good as food then they do you for there own purpose (hell they would do a fat guy more good as food then they do for you!) Your probably wondering if you are reading this why I would spend so much time on your faggot ass instead of doing something else like hanging out with friends and making them laugh at my insults and other jokes but I already am doing that so stop hurting yourself. We all hate you and there is only one thing you can do to change your status from gay guy who many would probably want to kill to a guy who still likes men but people don't want to kill as much anymore and that is to change this site back to the way it was. I'm so utterly and completely sick of you that I can't even type to you anymore (but I'll still try to end this e-mail). In the immortal words of Mr. T, "I pity the FOO who messes wit Newgrounds". You know, God sees this and he even thinks this site is gay and is going to send you to the deepest darkest pit of Hell.

Go stick your dick in a pencil sharpener,
A guy and his friends who hates you.

AF2k: Chat Room Log

[08:02] <CPM> Marty is a bad boy
[08:02] <CPM> He is going to die
[08:02] <CPM> I will kill him
[08:02] <CPM> This is painful for me
[08:02] <CPM> It is hard to get away with killing
[08:03] <CPM> I am coming for you marty
[08:03] <CPM> I can hear your fear
[08:03] <CPM> smell it
[08:03] <CPM> see it
[08:03] <CPM> taste it
[08:03] <CPM> it has been a while
[08:04] <CPM> He will be dead by the end of this month
[08:04] <CPM> death
[08:04] <CPM> to
[08:04] <CPM> marty
[08:04] <CPM> You can hear me
[08:04] <CPM> marty
[08:05] *** Quits: CPM

[11:17] <R1> maybe i should call tom
[11:17] <IUG> call tom?
[11:17] <RibOnIzEr> You got his number?
[11:17] <RibOnIzEr> Eh...
[11:17] <R1> i don't know him personally
[11:17] <R1> but i have his number
[11:17] <IUG> well anyways, he is in jail
[11:18] <IUG> supposively
[11:18] <R1> so they say
[11:18] <RibOnIzEr> Er, about something else, this chan is invite only, how do I join from IRC?
[11:18] <IUG> i think that mArTy is tom
[11:18] <R1> it's a joke
[11:18] <RibOnIzEr> mArTy sucks nutz
[11:18] <R1> i just talked to him
[11:19] <RibOnIzEr> Ya, we kinda though so
[11:19] <IUG> and watch you lose your grounds gold account
[11:19] <R1> wow
[11:19] <IUG> that would suck
[11:19] <R1> all ten gold
[11:19] <IUG> all my 776 gold
[11:19] <R1> heh
[11:19] <IUG> brb
[11:19] <R1> that's alot
[11:20] <R1> lata fella
[11:20] <R1> fellas
[11:20] <R1> guess we have to wait till tomorrow
[11:21] <IUG> got to go!
[11:22] <R1> he's not it jail

[14:12] <loozer182> they changed newgrounds and made it gay
[14:13] <loozer182> the os is
[14:13] <PReMeeR> just for today
[14:13] <loozer182> good
[14:14] <loozer182> fuck u
[14:14] <Kalakis> what are you talking about?
[14:14] <Kalakis> why would you make it gay today
[14:14] <PReMeeR> 1st of april
[14:15] <RibOnIzEr> HAAAAAAA
[14:15] <RibOnIzEr> I just HATE it when some bitch, simply asks my name and hangs up
[14:15] <loozer182> tabo not hasaray losy wu ta naz
[14:15] <Kalakis> thats right its april first
[14:15] <RibOnIzEr> Cuz, I just KNOW I'm gona get a customer complaint.... fucking jesus chrsit
[14:16] <Kalakis> i forgot
[14:16] <PReMeeR> yeah me to untill Ribo here told me
[14:16] <RibOnIzEr> Ya, everybody does
[14:16] <PReMeeR> i was mighty pissed
[14:16] <PReMeeR> lol
[14:16] <RibOnIzEr> I was actually about to hunt down that
[14:16] <loozer182> joe c
[14:16] <PReMeeR> lmao
[14:16] <RibOnIzEr> "Marty" individual and hurt him considerably
[14:17] <PReMeeR> see how martyboy likes intensive care
[14:17] <PReMeeR> ;D
[14:17] <loozer182> what does imao mean u stupid dyke?
[14:18] <PReMeeR> umm
[14:18] <PReMeeR> Shut your cakehole punk
[14:18] <PReMeeR> lol
[14:18] <loozer182> fuck u
[14:18] <loozer182> u stupid bitch
[14:19] <loozer182> what the fuck does imao mean
[14:19] <PReMeeR> figure it out punk
[14:19] <loozer182> FUCK U!
[14:19] <PReMeeR> nah
[14:19] <PReMeeR> thats your moms job

[14:32] <spasm> marty is a jerk off
[14:32] <Gcode> your a gay ass
[14:32] <spasm> tom is marty
[14:33] <spasm> everyone knows that right
[14:33] <spasm> fulp is marty
[14:33] *** Quits: spasm
[14:33] <Gcode> Hot Boys and Big Tymers rule
[14:33] <RibOnIzEr> K, got a call, gota fix that idiots problem
[14:34] *** Quits: Jigen-kun
[14:34] <Gcode> what the fuck?
[14:34] *** Joins: Tom
[14:34] <PReMeeR> fake tom alert
[14:34] <PReMeeR> lol
[14:34] <Tom> listen maty has hacked the chat he won't let me in as @Tom
[14:35] <PReMeeR> lol
[14:35] <PReMeeR> yeah
[14:35] <PReMeeR> sure
[14:35] <PReMeeR> could it be 1st of april?
[14:35] *** Tom is now known as Guest46390
[14:35] *** Guest46390 is now known as what
[14:35] <PReMeeR> lol
[14:35] <PReMeeR> yeah sure that was you Tom
[14:35] <PReMeeR> lemme ask ya something
[14:35] <PReMeeR> whats your brothers name?
[14:35] <what> listen marty has changed everything
[14:36] <what> wade
[14:36] <Gcode> you guys are gay, who gives a fuck if its April the 1st
[14:36] *** what is now known as tomfulp
[14:36] <tomfulp> Wade fulp is my brothers name
[14:36] <PReMeeR> hmm
[14:37] <RibOnIzEr> tomfulp: What proves us you're tom?
[14:38] <Gcode> fuck you
[14:38] <Gcode> fuck you
[14:38] <tomfulp> this
[14:38] <Gcode> fuck you
[14:38] <GanGStarR> Gcode; When i want your opinnion ill give it to ya
[14:38] <tomfulp> as a child my father left me in the woods to teach me a lesson
[14:38] <Gcode> fuck you
[14:38] <GanGStarR> lol
[14:38] *** Joins: Rocklord
[14:39] <tomfulp> national geographic special on seals compelled me to make club a seal
[14:39] <Gcode> Rock sucks!!!!!!!!!
[14:39] <RibOnIzEr> I got a better question, did you get a call 2day from a dude you didn't know?
[14:39] <RibOnIzEr> ......
[14:39] <RibOnIzEr> I need a smoke
[14:39] *** tomfulp is now known as tomfulpisgay
[14:40] <tomfulpisgay> damn martys hacking again
[14:40] <Rocklord> rock does not suck rock is the best type of music ever
[14:40] <RibOnIzEr> .....
[14:40] *** tomfulpisgay is now known as youallsuck

[14:47] <marty_god> so how do you like ribbagrounds
[14:48] <marty_god> an improvement eh
[14:48] <Rocklord> ya its really cool
[14:48] <GanGStarR> lol
[14:48] <marty_god> yes i find it enjoybly vengeful
[14:48] <GanGStarR> suckup
[14:48] <Rocklord> damn too bad your movies were so incredibly bad they took them off the portal
[14:49] <Rocklord> i mean c'mon if i super glued a mouse to my ass i could do better flash!
[14:49] <marty_god> you my friend have lost a chance at my right hand you gay ass freak of nature
[14:49] <Rocklord> oooohhh! i lost a chance to be your right hand man!
[14:49] <Rocklord> oh no!

[21:34] <MartyFulp> Newgrounds is better now!! Cause its mine!!
[21:35] <harddriveerror> did you hack it?
[21:35] <MartyFulp> Tom in jail la la lala
[21:35] <IGniTiON_> but you messed up assassin, club a seal, and i haven't checked the rest!!
[21:35] <IGniTiON_> they probably suck even more!!
[21:35] <MartyFulp> Dont worry!! Ill add more of my friend for you to kill!!
[21:36] <MartyFulp> It will be awesome!!
[21:36] <IGniTiON_> what did you do with the other stuff?!
[21:36] <MartyFulp> I deleted it!
[21:36] <harddriveerror> what the hell is wrong whith you?
[21:36] <IGniTiON_> bullshit!!
[21:36] <MartyFulp> My stuff is better!!!
[21:37] <harddriveerror> grounds gold?
[21:37] <IGniTiON_> is tom really in jail?
[21:37] <MartyFulp> Tom got busted cause hes a crack head!!!
[21:37] <IGniTiON_> NOOOOOOOOOO!!!! my favorite site is goooone!!!!!!
[21:38] <harddriveerror> did you do anything to grounds gold?
[21:38] <IGniTiON_> you bastard!!!!!!
[21:38] <MartyFulp> I got to remove the gold!!! or add my own!!!
[21:39] <MartyFulp> Makes me happy!!
[21:39] <MartyFulp> Should have narced on Tom a long time ago!!
[21:40] <MartyFulp> HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!
[21:40] <harddriveerror> suck my balls
[21:40] <MartyFulp> Too small!! hahahahaha
[21:41] <harddriveerror> I said mine not youtrs
[21:41] <MartyFulp> Send me your picture!! Ill draw you bigger balls!!! we can cut those off too!!!
[21:41] <harddriveerror> yours
[21:42] <MartyFulp> Go away!! My site rocks!!!
[21:43] *** Joins: MasteroftheUniverseMos
[21:43] <MasteroftheUniverseMos> I knew it...
[21:43] <MasteroftheUniverseMos> That was so predictable...
[21:43] <MasteroftheUniverseMos> Nazi.
[21:43] *** MartyFulp sets mode: +b *!*@*
[21:43] *** MasteroftheUniverseMos was kicked by MartyFulp
[21:44] *** MartyFulp sets mode: +b Sythrel!*@*
[21:44] <MartyFulp> Dumb Synthrel too!! I got dinobot!!
[21:44] <MartyFulp> Everything on Toms computer is mine!!!!
[21:45] <harddriveerror> are you at his comp?
[21:45] <MartyFulp> I took his computer before the coppers got it!!!
[21:47] <MartyFulp> HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!
[21:47] <harddriveerror> imppossible
[21:47] <MartyFulp> HAHAHA!!! Pico 2!!!
[21:47] <MartyFulp> Delete time!!!
[21:47] <harddriveerror> then your ip number would be different
[21:47] <harddriveerror> send it to me first
[21:47] <MartyFulp> ALL GONE!!!
[21:48] <harddriveerror> I want top see if it was any good
[21:48] <MartyFulp> My what number?????????????
[21:48] *** MartyFulp sets mode: -b *!*@*
[21:49] <harddriveerror> ip number
[21:49] <harddriveerror> if you stole his comp
[21:49] <harddriveerror> and took it somewhers
[21:49] <MartyFulp> His computer idiot!!
[21:50] <MartyFulp> I have my own internet access!!!
[21:50] <harddriveerror> and hook back up to the internet it would have changed
[21:50] <MartyFulp> God you dumb!!
[21:50] <harddriveerror> and it would have not woorked
[21:51] *** Joins: eldavo
[21:51] <MartyFulp> MINE MINE MINE MINE MINE!!
[21:51] <eldavo> you guys suck ass
[21:51] <MartyFulp> HAHAHAHAHAHA
[21:51] <eldavo> i can hack newgrounds
[21:52] <eldavo>
[21:52] <eldavo> i tell you how
[21:52] <MartyFulp> Go away!! Get off my rubbagrounds!!!
[21:52] <eldavo> fuck you
[21:52] <eldavo> you cant hack shit
[21:52] <eldavo> i am an expert
[21:52] *** Joins: MasteroftheUniverseMos
[21:52] <MartyFulp> HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
[21:52] <eldavo> suck my cock mos
[21:52] <MartyFulp> Everything Tom had is mine mine mine!!!
[21:53] *** Quits: PrettyFlyGuy
[21:53] <MasteroftheUniverseMos> Hi Sy.
[21:53] <eldavo> mos sucks cock
[21:53] <eldavo> i am an expert hacker
[21:53] <MartyFulp> Synthrel is a dumbass!!
[21:53] <MasteroftheUniverseMos> LOL!
[21:53] <MartyFulp> Never should have gave Tom dinobot!!!
[21:53] <MasteroftheUniverseMos> El, can you tell me what Bash is?
[21:53] <eldavo> bash is a program
[21:53] <MasteroftheUniverseMos> WRONG!
[21:54] *** Quits: IGniTiON_
[21:54] <eldavo> shut up
[21:54] <MasteroftheUniverseMos> It's a shell. Called Bourne Again SHell.
[21:54] <eldavo> you dont know shit
[21:54] <eldavo> i knew that
[21:54] <eldavo> i was just kidding
[21:54] <MasteroftheUniverseMos> Obviously not.
[21:54] <eldavo> fuck you
[21:54] <eldavo> cocksucker
[21:54] <MasteroftheUniverseMos> Can you tell me the core of the C programming langauge?
[21:54] <eldavo> i can get the original swf files from the portal
[21:54] <MartyFulp> Your a cocksocker!! HAHA!!!
[21:55] <MasteroftheUniverseMos> Oooh. Wow!
[21:55] <eldavo> 010101010101
[21:55] <MasteroftheUniverseMos> IDIOT!
[21:55] <eldavo> you suck
[21:55] <MasteroftheUniverseMos> That's binary code!
[21:55] <eldavo> you dont know anything about hacking
[21:55] <eldavo> i am the expert here
[21:55] <MasteroftheUniverseMos> El, do you use AOL?
[21:55] <MartyFulp> You are a kid!! Anyone can get swf files from their cache!!!
[21:56] <eldavo> yeah
[21:56] <eldavo> why
[21:56] <MartyFulp> I have the fla files!!! So HA HA!!
[21:56] <harddriveerror> the portal is still there any hoo
[21:56] <MasteroftheUniverseMos> LOL!
[21:56] <MasteroftheUniverseMos> Oh, I'm saving this log!
[21:56] <eldavo> ha ha
[21:57] <MasteroftheUniverseMos> Do you know what Telnet is?
[21:57] <eldavo> \reboot MasteroftheUniverseMos
[21:57] <MasteroftheUniverseMos> LOL!
[21:57] <eldavo> ha ha
[21:57] <eldavo> i nuked you
[21:57] <harddriveerror> I am in the portal now
[21:57] <MasteroftheUniverseMos> Whoops.
[21:57] <MasteroftheUniverseMos> Must not of worked.
[21:57] <eldavo> you suc
[21:57] <eldavo> you are going to reboot in a minute
[21:57] <eldavo> just wait
[21:57] <MasteroftheUniverseMos> LOL!
[21:57] <MasteroftheUniverseMos> I have a Fire Wall!
[21:58] <harddriveerror> the portal still works for me
[21:58] <eldavo> \block MasteroftheUniverseMos
[21:58] <MasteroftheUniverseMos> Heh.
[21:58] <MasteroftheUniverseMos> Didn't work.
[21:58] <eldavo> \kick MasteroftheUniverseMos
[21:58] <MasteroftheUniverseMos> Heh.
[21:58] <MasteroftheUniverseMos> Not working.
[21:58] <eldavo> \format C: MasteroftheUniverseMos
[21:58] <MartyFulp> NO!! LIKE THIS!!!!
[21:58] <MasteroftheUniverseMos> You have to be a op.
[21:58] <eldavo> cd\
[21:59] <eldavo> C:\dos
[21:59] <eldavo> format C:
[21:59] <MasteroftheUniverseMos> LOL.
[21:59] <eldavo> heh heh
[21:59] *** eldavo was kicked by MartyFulp